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Default Hokay.

Originally Posted by sloppydawg123 View Post
wait, what are you suggesting the solution is here?
The symptoms suggest that you have a leak that allows water to get into the tranny, the usual cause of oil thickening. The safest bet is to pull the engine and split the cases, inspect everything and then put in all new gaskets and seals. It is not a difficult job given a proper shop manual and the ability to follow the instructions to the letter. If you don't solve your oil problem in the tranny it will catastrophically fail eventually. It's much cheaper to do the job now than wait and have a worthless bike on your hands. That's my 2 cents. It's based on person experience on 2 strokes and having blown one up myself.
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Thanks man, the rebuilt kit and manual have been ordered
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Originally Posted by sloppydawg123 View Post
wait, what are you suggesting the solution is here?
Dawg, before you start, decide if you want to put the time, energy, and money into a rebuild on this bike, or if you want to move on. I once started to restore a 1969 Triumph Spitfire. A pretty smart guy told me: "Kenneth, when it's perfectly restored, it's still going to be a POS 1969 Spitfire." I went and got a 911 to play with instead. Just a thought.

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Water pump seal. Try that first. Very common problem on water cooled two strokes. Also replace water pump bearing while you're at it. On this bike, you will have to pull the clutch cover and dissassemble off the bike.

Inspect impeller shaft while you're in there. Usually, it's best to replace all 3 components while you'e on Bikebandit.com ordering parts, anyway.

Oh, hell, get a head gasket/O-ring while you're at it. That's an easy fix.
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