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I had a 4500 series Holly on my '69 Fury cop car with a 440 Interceptor with cop cams and factory duels. When you jumped on it it was like flushing a toilet with gas swirling down the intake.. the gas gage would head south while the speedo headed north accompanied by a nice Funny Car growl out of the Purple Hornies, That was a kick in the butt to race.
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Originally Posted by mscuddy View Post
?!?! Pressurize the float bowls? Wouldn't that cause the gasoline to shoot back into the gas tank and cause a horrible accident akin to the Hindenburg disaster? Oh the humanity...

Funny, but the ram air IV system on my '68 GTO (pirated from a '69) didn't have a pressurized float bowl..guess the Quadrajunk didn't need one...
That's cause it had a FUEL PUMP!
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Splain to me Loosie why pressurized float bowls wouldn't hinder the fuel filling up the float bowls unless the fuel was under pressure too. Don't make no sense 'tall.
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