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Default 1980s Suzuki GS450L

Hey I need some help and advice on this one. I found an old 1980s GS450L from a guy who had it behind his house. I asked him about it and he said its been sitting there for awhile under a cover and he wants to get rid of it. He's never had the title for it as it is not in running condition. He has been working on it to try and get it to run but has only gotten it to start and idle for a little bit, however he has not had any time to work on it and it doesnt run anymore. I am looking for a project bike and for what he is selling it for would be a great start. so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where the VIN# would be located on these old bikes so I can at least see if its stolen, salvage, or otherwise. Also, if it comes back clean, how awful is the process going to be to get a title in my name?
Second question is, he also has another older suzuki but the only markings i can see are TSCC. he said he has the title for this bike but I am unsure of what the bike even is. Its also a 1980s bike so I was wondering if anyone could shine some light on what it may be. thanks for help on both issues!
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Look for the VIN on the steering-neck, or possibly one of the downtubes of the frame in front of the engine. Engine # will probably be low, on one side or another of the "oil pan" part of the engine case.

I doubt it's stolen, but it does pay to check. If he's the Owner of Title, and you know which state it's been titled - you can apply for a "Lost Title" and have him sign it when you get the copy back from the state.

Good Luck; 'Cuz you're gonna need it....
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It's next to impossible to get a title in FL in cases like this. Call your local DMV and explain the situation. Find out what the requirements are to get a clear title. They may be such a PITA that you'd be better off finding another project bike.
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Yeah you don't want the main part of your project to be cleaning up the paper trail.
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