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Default 2000 Ducati M750 starting issues

Hi all - I've got a 00 Ducati Monster 750 and having issues getting her running.

We've had a bit of rain the past week and some water got into the fuel system. I didn't realize how much water had gotten into until I started the bike and it stalled after a minute or so of running.

Here's what I've done and what I know...

I've drained the tank, replaced the fuel filter, drained the carb bowls (where most of the water was), replaced the spark plugs. Refilled the tank with correct gas and a fuel stabilizer.

I am getting good fuel past the fuel filter, vacuum pump, and into the carbs.

The battery is fully charged and the sparks are sparking (though I can't tell if it's enough spark or not).

The starter motor turns the engine just fine, but the engine won't catch and start running....

Any suggestions on what to do next?
My thoughts....
water in the firing chamber?
clogged carbs?
voodoo curse?
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Try a shot of carb-cleaner down the throat of the carbs - if it fires & dies - you've got a fuel problem. If it doesn't, change the plugs (properly gapping the new ones) and try again.

Likely, it'll be the slow-jets plugged with spooge knocked-loose by the Universal Solvent (water).
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There may still be water somewhere in the electrical harness. If AirHawk's fix doesn't work check your connectors.
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