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Originally Posted by mscuddy View Post
Don't listen to these turkeys, Ascots were great bikes, and you should have it running in no time. Shoot me a private message and I'll tell you the secret used ascot places. Not enought room or time in this forum...
I agree with Cuddy, at least asses what it's going to need and how much it's going to cost you.
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Ok so : bought the bike for $300. $100cash owe him $200. He is a internet friend from another forum I spend a lot of time on. I posted one of my buddy's got a bike and I wanted one too.He said he had one, so I went and looked I liked it so I bought it.

I can see now it was a impulse buy. I don't want to go back to him, but at the same time I don't want total junk.

I like the bike but don't want to dump a lot in to it.
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Does it even run right now? If not, then I would trade him something other than the remaining cash. He knows that the thing will take about $500 to get on the road. But the total value is $500- even running and dot compliant. So, hard choices are in front of you. You're gonna need a shop manual and mechanical ability to keep the cost down.
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Everybody needs a Heap of Shyte in their garage to tinker with. Hell, I've got several........
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