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Default winter/storage/outside

Hi there,

I'm the proud new owner of a sweet new bike! My first real motorcycle!

Anyway, I live in the city and have no garage to speak of, so the bike's going to have to live outside in rainy Portland, OR. I guess I'm just wondering:

1. I've purchased a nice cover for it, to put on it at night and while at work. Does this offer enough protection?
2. What can I expect in terms of damage/rust storing it this way. Will being sure to run it at least every couple of days help to keep moisture down?
3. Any good, relatively inexpensive ways to store it (I've heard of mobile tents)?

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Put it in the living room.
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I lived in Seattle, which is like Portland (except for the sleet.) I rode my bikes all year round; you can too. A good cover can offer some protection against the worst of the elements, but the key to avoiding rust is to liberally coat all the metal parts (including the painted metal) with a non-evaporating oil. (WD-40 evaporates by design; do not use it for this purpose.) The drawback is that the oil will collect dirt, but if you clean and re-oil the bike every so often, you'll be fine.
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A good wash and a thick coat of wax on the painted parts, WD40 in the electrical switches and soak the chain with chain lube should be all you need. I live near Tacoma, I ride all winter and my bike sits outside while I'm at work doesn't seem to hurt them too bad, they just get filthy by the end of the winter. I'll probably invest in a cover this winter though I've never bothered before.
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You should dip the entire motorcycle in cosmoline, then wrap it in plastic and store it in pine-shavings in a large wooden crate.

It will be ready to ride next Spring in only minutes, with the proper application of elbow-grease and a good, hot, saline soak. After which, the motorcycle should be discarded.
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