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How the heck did you break your ribs Sachi??
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Front brake came loose on my bicycle, and fell into the wheel. Instant stoppie and I flew over the bars.
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Those bicycles are Infernal Machines!

They should be Banned!
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That's funny, I have been hurt worse on bicycles than cars or bikes. Oughta' ban the durn things!
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At least some toddler playing with a basketball didn't torpedo you, and send you over the bars straight to Kaiser's emergency room. Buz has the bike with built-in karma indicator, unless that vibrated off too.
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Originally Posted by newagetwotone View Post
My cousin is back from Iraq on leave and the family has been spending some time with him. So a couple nights ago we took a ride around the power cuts. It was alot of fun and will probably be the last motorcycle fun I have till next spring.

It started to rain on our way back and the mud got pretty nasty, I hit a mud puddle that happened to have a broken beer bottle in it and blew out my front tire. Got tossed about 5-10 feet and landed on my left hip. I thought I was all right until I stood up.

When I got up I immediately felt a very strong burning sensation and I couldn't put weight on my left leg with out it getting bad enough for me to fall over. I got on the back of one of the other bikes and rode the last quarter mile or so back to camp.

Considering my lack of medical insurance i went to see a friend of my aunts, he's a PCP and he gave a preliminary diagnosis. He believes I have something called bursitis of the hip. He told me that it was probably very minor until I hit my hip off the ground and that aggravated it.

So until I can get back too the doctor I'm not aloud to walk long distances, carry heavy objects or stand for long periods of time. As i was leaving he added "you'll probably want to stay off dirt bikes till you can get a cortisone shot."

Its rather upsetting because I can't do alot of things I'm used too. Can't do work around the house, can't go to work (i walk 3 miles to work after a bus ride), I'm going to have to take two or three buses to work. My job is standing most of the day so I don't know whats going to happen there.

My parents have offered to pay for me to go to the doctor and to get the shot, but as for right now (and the last 24 hours) I'm confined to a chair or a bed....Sucks. not to mention, theres nothing o TV and the Pens lost last night.
Hope your going to heal quickly. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by sachiwilson View Post
Front brake came loose on my bicycle, and fell into the wheel. Instant stoppie and I flew over the bars.
There has been a rash of folks getting hurt of late. I'll spare you the details. I've bent the fairing stays back into place.
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