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Hmmm... I didn’t talk about acceptance. It is perfectly logical for someone accepting govt. running some services (like justice) and opposing involvement in something else, for example in assless chaps manufacturing industry.

I am merely pointing out, that calling universal health care “socialist (or socialized) medicine” is brainless unless the same person calls the fire brigades also socialist. The US army in Iraq is socialist. For this person the socialism has penetrated the whole America to the last last post office and school bus.

- cruiz-euro
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Today's lesson.

Unlike the govt private companies don't have a long and extensive history of murdering their customers. 100 million corpses since 1948 at the hands of totalitarian govts should be a clue. Private corporations are integral to the most fantastically prosperous time in human history. This system has created the great abundant wealth that looters like you are able to steal under the cover of your greedy sanctimonious blather.

Yeah. Get rid of the corporations. Bring them under govt control. When they collapse you get to starve to death.

Since you seem to think that the govt can do no wrnong then you can be the first in line to buy govt designed motorcycles. LOL!

Freaking idiot.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Isn't it time to boot this thing over to Jo Momma?

Oops. Sorry. Wrong board.
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Originally Posted by pplassm View Post
Isn't it time to boot this thing over to Jo Momma?

Oops. Sorry. Wrong board.
Yes. This is enough. End it, everyone, or I'll start deleting posts.
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