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Default 2008 Ducatis: First Look

Original Article:
<a href="http://www.motorcycle.com//events/2008-ducatis-first-look-68869.html">2008 Ducatis: First Look</a>

Please discuss the Motorcycle.com article 2008 Ducatis: First Look in our Motorcycle Forums below. Use the reply button to let others know your comments or feedback on the article. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, along with your thoughts and personal opinions on the bikes and products we have tested.
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Thumbs down

Oh Christ, the new Monster. Who can I address this to at Ducati, my most favorite of all manufacturers, who made the only bike I wish I could have back, the Monster 750?


Man, that thing...jeez. Really. It looks like a 1920's era steel I-beam of ugly fell on it.

What's wrong? The cans. The pipes to the cans. The lame headlight. I shouldn't knock the frame because I'll bet it's improved, but it doesn't look as nice. The lines are totally ****ed; nothing flows. What a shame.

The other bikes will sell buckets. They should just discontinue the Monster and sell small displacement SportClassics for a few years. I'll bet you couldn't keep a 695 Sport or GT695 on a sales floor if you chained an anchor to it.
--The Fox

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Default disappointed

wow. the new monster 696 is, je ne sais quoi... fugly.

the beauty of the 695 and predecessors was the "industrial italian" look, and attempting to bring organic "flow" to the design... when i free associate, the words poop, gimmick, plastic, etc. come to mind.

i suppose i was just expecting a more incremental (read: classic) design step than this.
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Default Expect record sales again for 08

The 848 will sell like hot cakes. Saw it coming last year when I was working for ATD. The M696 is the treat. All it's brothers should be just as exciting next year. The exhaust looks a little funny but what do you expect with the new emissions rules. I like it. There are new colors for the GT bike, as well.
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Nice lineup for Ducati. I know the V-Twin is dead and everything, but I bet they need to ramp up production to be able to meet demand for these bikes.
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Default New MonSTAR

I think all Ducati needs to do is paint the rear section on the new monster. It sticks out too much now b/c it is all shiny aluminum. A nice matte black finish and that section will blend right in smoothly like it looks like it was designed to do.

- B
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Default Aliens battle for control of earth

Ducati 696 vs. Robot monster

Separated at birth?

Will the winner defeat the Victory Vision? Will the Honda EVO6 join the fray? When will the FZ1 make its move?
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Ducati is certainly hitting plenty of home runs these days with those obsolete Vtwins.

I'm with Yosef on the subframe. The cast aluminum looks out of place but I'll bet it was done for cost. Remember the old SV650 with the purty welded tube frame? The 2nd generation made due with a cast frame.

The Monster's subframe is certainly Buellish. Does everyone copy Buell these days?
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Does the battle royal winner go on to fight the Rune?

The only thing that really bugs me about the new monster is the headlight. Too flat. It looks like the bike was wrecked.
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848? Yes please. Anyone care to guess where it'll be allowed to run in WERA? C superstock?
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