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cshannon09 02-17-2016 03:10 PM

Moving to CA, exhaust question
Hello all. I have a question regarding California registration that I can't seem to find anywhere. There is plenty about how residents cannot purchase out of state bikes and circumvent emissions requirements, but I'm in a different boat. I will be moving to CA from NC in a few months. I'll be bringing my Monster that has 10k miles and is currently registered in NC. Also coming is the aftermarket Akrapovic exhaust (with cats). My question is, will I be able to register the bike in CA? Normally, this exhaust could not be installed in CA or on a CA bike, but because I'm moving from another state where my bike was previously registered, it will have more than 7500 miles on it, and motorcycles don't have to pass the smog check, will I be able to register it? Hoping someone else has done this to let me know! Thanks!

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