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Default Question about Honda rebel

Im a very inexperienced rider and was considering a Honda Rebel because i heard that it is a good, inexpensive bike for beginners. One thing i worry about is that I may be uncomfortable while riding because i'm a pretty short and stocky guy ( 5'7, 250 lbs) . My dad used to own a Rebel and didnt say that he had a problem being too big for it, ( he's 6' and 200 lbs ). I believe my dad forgot how small the Rebel actually was and is not keeping in mind that we have very different body types. I wanted to ask for ya'lls opinion on this matter.

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Have you sat on one? They use them in MSF courses. It's actually a very good beginner bike. It's not going to have a lot of oomph on the freeway.

If you feel it's too small, get a Shadow 750. But take the MSF BRC first.
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The rebel is a good bike but an alternative is the Suzuki TU250. It's more like an old-school UJM and should give you the needed room.
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Originally Posted by acecycleins View Post
The rebel is a good bike but an alternative is the Suzuki TU250. It's more like an old-school UJM and should give you the needed room.
As would it's cousin, the GZ250, which is a mini-cruiser. The GZ should be available used; the TU maybe not as it's only been out a year or so.

Raw height and weight numbers often don't tell the whole story......as the length of your arms and legs are more important for comfort.

Given your size, I suspect that you won't be really comfortable on any small bike with a stock seat for rides that last more than an hour or so.

If you feel really comfortable with your skill level after the course, look at slightly larger bikes for your starter. There are used models out there from 400 to 750 CCs that would probably work.

If after the course, you still feel a little shaky about this whole clutch-shift-brake-motorcycle thing.......then you should probably stick to something smaller.

In the end, only YOU can tell what is going to be comfortable for you.
And that's only if you are honest with yourself........and aren't just looking for any excuse you can find to get a bigger bike.
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