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Administrator 11-04-2010 09:18 AM

MotoGP 2010 Valencia Preview

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<a href="">MotoGP 2010 Valencia Preview</a>

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Rufi000000 11-06-2010 11:36 AM

I'm hoping the almost impossible happens and Rossi wins and Pedrosa finishes below 9th. I would love to see Rossi in 2nd after not competing in 4 races. Even though he needs no further proof, it would be a shining example of what an incredible competitor he is. Sure Pedrosa has been brave coming back so soon after injury, but I have a hard time pulling for anyone riding for big bad Honda. Stoner on a Honda next year is perfect for me, it will make them even easier to root against, even more so when Dovi parts ways. I'm amazingly excited to see what Rossi will do on the Ducati next year, and worried at the same time about what Stoner may do on a Honda. I think both will excel, and adding Lorenzo into that mix should make for some phenomenal races.

Concerning the last comment about motor-sport in the U.S. (and hopefully this doesn't start me off on a bad foot as a forum member): The upper echelons of motor-sport in the U.S. consist of NASCAR primarily, and then people watch the Indy 500 because it's the Indy 500. (I don't think F-1 exists on the American conscience in any sort of big way, if we can't create a competitive car for a series it must not be good...) MotoGP will never reach that level here because we only like races that go around in ovals. That and a huge part of our rider demographic (criusers) couldn't care less about motorcycle racing. The time zone differences involved in MotoGP being an international sport conflict with it becoming bigger here too. It's difficult to catch every race LIVE. Sure you can TiVo it, but then also have to avoid media, just the internet really, before watching to avoid a spoiler. The way we are, if you can't count on the race being on the same time every weekend, and LIVE, it becomes hard to keep our attention through a season. I myself am not included in this group. Even though I don't have a TV, I try to catch every race when they are shown. On Sundays during the season you'll usually find me trying to find a bar with a kind enough bartender to switch one of the TVs to the channel with the race on. I doubt most American sports fans, even race fans, are going to put that much effort into seeing a race, when at any given time there are two sports in-season. On a final note, I don't think MotoGP, or really most racing, has the stat abundance most American sports fans crave. Unless you get into the specs of the bikes themselves, you can't rattle off stats for MotoGP beyond lap times, winners, and most-laps-led (and that is obvious in most races). In my experience talking to people that ask what I'm watching, they are interested once they know how amazing the bikes are, but this is not information that is right there, on screen, for them to digest. In closing, I would love MotoGP to explode in America, but I don't think even putting 40 bikes on the grid will accomplish that.

Rufi000000 11-06-2010 11:39 AM

posted twice, oops

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