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82maxyama 10-25-2010 09:15 AM

82 Maxim restore
Hey guys just wanted to say that I am new here and to the motorcycle thing. I have purchased a 82 Yamaha maxim 550cc and i am going to start the restoration project this winter.
I was just looking for some help and advice from you guys. If you have any. I dont know the condition of the bike yet; I will be getting to it in the next few weeks. I am a boat and car mechanic so i figured that i could figure motorcycles out kind of easy.
If you guys have any other good websites that could help with parts and other things, let me know. Thanks again. Ryan

acecycleins 10-25-2010 09:37 AM

Shaft drive- look for shift problems in 2nd gear. Notorious for early Yams. You'll have to crack the case to fix it and the cost will be worth more than the bike is ever going to be worth. Why the 550? 750 models are much easier to find parts for.
Personally, If I were looking for a resoration project bike I would buy a Triumph or at the very least- something not shaft drive. An old Honda CB will have better resale and easier parts resolution than the Yamaha and I'm a Yam fan. If you keep the Yamaha idea look at the old XS650. The twins will be easier to locate parts for.

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