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awww....not even a little cbr600

lol yeah ur right, like Moke said theres only one really good straight on the island, well, on the island I'm on that is.
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Originally Posted by HereticsRus View Post
Hm I thought they had been talking about re-opening campbell, might be mistaken, but anyways...

Yeah I'm hoping I don't still want one later, it would be a shame to own that beast and never be able to unleash it. I'm hoping to get into a rider class in august, and here in Hawaii bikes are selling year round so its just a matter ofwaiting for a smooth running beater going for pocket change.

You're not livin big island anymore Moke? why not! we coulda croozed sole! woulda been even easier if everyone hadnt
$***canned the superferry, or were you gone before that?

Actually da Ohana is from Big Island me
although ( and everyone says this ) I am half hawaiian I
was raised more mainland.Lived in Kaneohe when I was
3-6 years old then moved to the mainland and returned to Oahu in 1980.Started riding in
86 in Hawaii. And brother let
me tell you I know tantulis like the back of my
hand. Iv been riding that mountain for at least a solid
12yrs. Worked at Southseas, Sandy Brodies (now owned
by pflueger), cycle city, but worked mostly at Cyclesports Suzuki.
Heard they were trying to open Campbells
again. It's a shame it's closed but it was
dangerous. Had a close friend and racing competitor die
there. They could actually
have a world class venue there if people
would pony up the cash.(outside investor's)
Listen the rides about how it makes you feel not about how
other people perseve
you cause your on a specific brand or
model. Impress with skill not looks. Cause lookin good will get you hurt. Took the ferry once in 87 went to live Kona with a girlfriend. $17.00 Dollars to ship the VFR7. Good
luck brah usually "Da bes" rider is the last one left, if you
get my drift. Easy ah!

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Fo sho, I'll let you know how everything goes with my baby steps into riding. Mahalos brah!
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