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Originally Posted by anrajala View Post
The economy is so bad that ...
The economy is so bad 250cc Streetbike Shootout looks hot

Cool comparo and the right one won. I'll buy it when I'll be to old for the arm ripping acceleration of my current rig.

- cruiz-euro
Cruiz, this could be one of your best posts yet!
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Thanks for the interesting test writeup. Too bad about the Pag bike. I like the looks of it at least.
As a 56 year old that has ridden since I was eight years old, I have rediscovered the fun that can be had on smaller motorcycles. My wife doesn't ride on the back since she started riding scooters (currently a SYM HD200 that is a heck of competent scooter!), so I don't need as much power and room as I used to in a motorcycle. I've owned a gaggle of bikes over the years and have an illness that forces me to start thinking about my next motorcycle the minute after I buy my most recent one. Right now, I ride my 2006 Harley-Davidson XL883; my 2007 Royal Enfield 500 Bullet; and my 2007 Yamaha XT225 dual sport. When the weather gets bad, as in cold and rainy here in western Wa. State, I usually commute on the XT, because I really don't care if it gets dirty, and it'll get me through just about anything. And it gets fantastic gas mileage.

So, this geezer can have lots of fun riding his little 225cc motorcycle, and, when gas hit $5.00 per gallon not too long ago, I could commute for a whole week on less than a gallon!!

Sorry to subject you to all the above, but I tire of some writers, and riders, who must always consider smaller motorcycles as "beginner" bikes. That's why I have been happy to read many people praising the 250 Ninja as a good ride for anyone that enjoys a lighter, good handling motorcycle.People have ridden their 250 Ninjas (and XT225s etc.) across the US and around the world (google "Lois on the Loose").

I am thinking of buying a new Hyosung GT250 (the "standard" naked version"). What a fine concept for a 250cc motorcycle.It's more of a full sized machine, and has that great v-twin engine.It would be my first fuel injected motorcycle. My only problem will be which of my three bikes mentioned above would I sell or trade to get the GT250?

We in the USA have this motorcycle mentality/hangup as in bigger is always better.More cubic inches is better."thats a girls bike", or "thats a beginners bike". Well after riding all these years, and owning my share of big, fast motorcycles, I have come full circle. Another motorcycle that I am considering is a new Kawasaki KLX250SF. I rode a KLR250 for some 15,000 miles, and that bike was fun off road, but was a darn fun ride on a twisty paved road too.

Most of the cycle magazines push the bigger badass motorcycles too, so that contributes. If you want a GSXR1000 knock yourself out, but how many that own them can really ring one out? Put that rider on a GT250 Hyosung, or a Suzuki DRZ400SM, and they may find out that it's more to ride a smaller bike to it's limit, than to ride something that, if you are honest to yourself, you know it's your ego that put you on it and not your riding ability (that's for most of us average riders).

Thanks for paying attention to some fine, smaller motorcycles for us mere mortals.

Jon in Puyallup,Wa
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Good points, Jon. We often say around here, "It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slow."
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