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It helps if everyone is riding the same kinda bike. Cruisers and sport bikes don't mix well, especially if there is a lot of starting and stopping.
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
Real bikers throw it over their shoulder.
I would - but every time I do that, I have to buy a new headlight, grille, or windshield for the car traveling behind me when the end of it strikes their vehicle..............
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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post
Good basic stuff.

And fer cryin' out loud, when there is a big group, break it up on the road into (again) small groups, so faster traffic can get around you.
I would further suggest "ability" groups. Of course some experienced riders will have to lead the noobs, but it is beneficial to have a "fast/experienced" group and a "slow/noob" group. Even some of the veteran riders like to take it slow(er).
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My basic plan for group riding is to see which direction they're pointing and head the other way. Whatever flips your switch I guess but I don't like riding with strangers or newbies.
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The quality of a group ride is determined by the members of the group. I never set out to ride with a group of people I don't know. Will ride with a buddy now and then, and those are fun. Mostly ride alone though.

If you do have a good no fooling around crew to ride with, hang onto those people. They are gold.
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Funny this thread resurfaced. I went on my first-ever club ride yesterday with www.sfrc.org. Nice group, mostly middle aged to retirement age gents. A couple chicks. We did about 250 miles around Lake Okeechobee. They "emphasize safety" and don't allow alcohol during the club event. It was an ok way to spend a Sunday, and they actually found roads with curves.
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