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nicholasm 07-16-2009 03:23 PM

Racing In Caribbean!
If anyone from Caribbean biker diaspora or anyone else interested in racing in Caribbean, please visit or email me at [email protected].
The 2 classes are similar to WERA Class C Superstock Novice/Expert(600 cc bikes mainly but others allowed as per WERA rules) and WERA Formula 2(mainly 125 cc 2 stroke/250 4 stroke motocross bikes with circuit tyres outfitted). Next race in Guyana Jul 26,then
Barbados Aug 30, 09. For 2010 we will be launching the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship Cup(CMRC) for bikes in three stages: Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana! Enjoy the unbeatable sun, sand, beach experience of the Caribbean while racing!

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