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Lady KawRider
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Default Powder Coated Alluminum Wheels

I purchased a bike with powder coated wheels. I do not care for the color and would like to revert back to black wheels. What options do I have, without having to purchase new rims? Do I have to powder coat the wheels again to the desired color? Or is it possible to paint over powder coated wheels?
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One has to purchase new wheels. Painting wheels is very unsafe.
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If you want to do the job on the cheap, take some 0000 steel wool and 'cut' the surface of the coating you want to make a different color.

Using clean mineral spirits and plenty of paper towels, give the burnished surfaces a good wipedown. Mask off the tires and the hubs, and whatever else needs protecting.

Using whatever means (rattlecan, pro rig, whatever), spray the new color. Use several coats. Let the wheels dry for at least 24 hours. Using a fine sandpaper, lightly sand the paint to remove any imperfections (dust, bugs, fingerprints). Apply one more coat.

After another 24 hours, put the wheels back together, and reinstall on the bike. You might want to wear cloth gloves when handling the fresh painted surfaces.

Give the tires a good cleaning with a mineral spirit-wet (not soaking) rag. Make sure nothing is on the tread.

After a couple of weeks, you can wash the wheels with a mild soap, and then put a coat of wax on them.

If you want to do the job right, for a lot more money, take the wheels off and apart, dismount the tires and have the wheels re-coated with your desired color.
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It's possible to just paint-over the powdercoating, as that's really all powdercoat-paint is - it's mostly the application and curing process that's different.

Scuff the surface a bit with a 3M Scotchbrite pad, or some 400 or greater grit wetordry sandpaper for good adhesion.

Other than that - results are directly proportional to the talent in your hands, and your attention to detail.

Be aware you will probably have to touch-up occasionally, such as when you change tires, etc.

That, or you can take them to a local shop that specialises in powder-coating, and have them stripped/media-blasted, and re-coated.
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