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The_AirHawk 07-23-2009 07:38 PM

So, when did a two-bit talkshow host become the "Leader" of the Republican Party? I've got one of those ultra-lefty former-schoolteacher/Products of the Establishment at work that is totally insistent on the "Fact" that Rush is the DeFacto Voice of The GOP.

Not that I give a shyte one way or the other (as I think Rush is nothing but an ignorant loudmouth - an amusing loudmouth, but a loudmouth), but he seems to believe that if he can prove that factoid, it'll hasten the "downfall" of all Right-Wingers and usher in the Left Age Demotopia.....

I didn't even think Rush was all that "clever" during the Clinton era. I mean, HELL - I got in some good "zingers" at Billy-boy's expense. But then, I could look-around me at the time and see the results of a dozen-years of the Clinton Governorship. Like stealing candy from a baby, it was.

schizuki 07-24-2009 04:08 AM


Originally Posted by seruzawa (Post 219682)
I'm not sure why Ken keeps bringing up Rush Limbaugh.

Lefties think anybody to the right of Che Guevara must be an ignorant sheep-person who needs to be led by an arrogant narcissist in love with the sound of his own voice. It's called "projection."

longride 07-24-2009 04:29 AM

"I'm not sure why Ken keeps bringing up Rush Limbaugh."

Becuase his Messiah Obamalama is looking like an ass very quickly and being a Liberal, he needs a whipping boy to distract our attention. Funny how he never brings up Olbermann, who is at least 10 times worse than any other talking head. Last I heard Limbaugh never even ran for office. Why worry about what he says?

schizuki 07-24-2009 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by longride (Post 219691)
Funny how he never brings up Olbermann, who is at least 10 times worse than any other talking head.

Rush Limbaugh - vaudeville act, often cuts to the quick of an issue, but too dull (to me) to listen to for more than five minutes.

Bill O'Reilly - populist blowhard; bombastic and paternalist.

Keith Olbermann - full-blown batsh** crazy, a fraud (pathetically tosses around his fictional "Ivy League" education), described perfectly by Aussie blogger Tim Blair as "A Fifties housewife coming down from a Valium bender ("The pot roast! THE POT ROAST!)" An embarrassment to himself and anyone who watches him.

The_AirHawk 07-24-2009 03:21 PM

I don't know if I'll make it home tonight - but I know I can Swim; under the Tahitian Moon................

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