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Kenneth_Moore 02-27-2009 11:07 AM

Every one of those jobs may be bid out to private sector companies but they ARE gummit contracts- making you a contracted US employee. Also, they are almost exclusively short-term employment. How does that create a stable work sector?

You are so right. We've seen again and again how public works projects like the Interstate Highway system, the TVA, the Space Program, the Panama Canal, the trans-continental railroad, and similar government funded, privately contracted projects have been dismal failures. What's next, are they going to waste our dollars on roads and bridges? It's insane.

95% of the working households in America will receive a tax cut
That's right. Hike the taxes on the very people that are supposed to be employing you.

Again, if only those fools would look at how well we've done with the the Republican strategy of slashing taxes on the richest 2%! What are they trying to do, ruin this booming economy we have? Don't they realize that the multi-trillion dollar deficit that's resulted from those tax cuts gives us huge leverage with the Chinese? If they make one wrong move, we laugh in their faces and say: "HAHAHA, just try and collect on those T-Bills we've been selling you for the last decade." That'll teach 'em. Besides, if you give those 95% more money, they'll just throw it away on stupid stuff like homes, college for their kids, cars, teevees, and other stupid stuff. The rich people know what to do with the money, and they've proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt over the last year.

Also, you can't give 95% of the people a tax cut if 50% aren't on the tax rolls in the first place. Love the fuzzy math.

Ain't that a riot? Obama can't even tell the difference between "95% of the working households" and "the entire population of the country...including kids, senior citizens, etc. He's so stupid.

Instead of letting true corporate competition happen to develop the next technology BIG Brother will be there to make sure you do it in a way that makes them look like they actually did something for the good of the people.

Boy, you got that right. When the government funded the development of the aircraft and airline industries with mail contracts, it was a dismal failure. When the goverment funded the space program, did we get one single useful weather satellite or communications satellite out of it? When the government funded DARAPA, did we get something useful like a high-speed network to connect our computers? Failure after failure after failure.

Auto Industry:
We are committed to the goal of a re-tooled, re-imagined auto industry that can compete and win. Millions of jobs depend on it. Scores of communities depend on it. And I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.
Let it die. GM needs to shut down.

Right you are! Besides, we can buy nice Korean, Japanese, and European cars and bikes! Who needs heavy industry in the US? And if we do get in a big war someday, we can count on those same allies to provide us with the heavy weapons, tanks, and planes we need. Industry and building stuff here in the US is just stupid. Fu<k Detroit and those stinky factories!

If we were allowed to buy health insurance like an al-acart menu premiums would go down drastically. Instead prefectly healthy young people are paying for things that they don't need or don't need, yet.

No arguing that point. It's stupid to care for our parents when they get old and sick. I'm fine, why should I pay extra so my Mom can get medical care just because she didn't save tens of thousands to cover her medical costs? It's so unfair. I say we let the poor old people die, they just clog up the roads and stores anyway.

I'm not quoing on this one, but will point out some things. 1- Teacher's Unions are probably the most dangerous entity outside of our Fed gummit. 2- Why do we think that Gummit Education is better than a private one?

Yeah, if you can't afford a good school for your kids, well that's just too f'ing bad! They'll just have to go to some crack-ridden hell-hole where they can learn how to be criminals. Then we can keep the prison industry booming like it is today. It's not like we have a rich tradition of equality of educational opportunity in this's always been our belief that poor people deserve to be that way and rich people should get richer because God likes them better.

We have two American Constitutions- one for the originalist and one for the people that believe the constitution can change on a whim.

You nailed this one! Now, we can get the n!ggers back on the plantations picking cotton again, just like the Founding Fathers planned for us. And these f'ing women, VOTING? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Every single word, law, and concept of the Constitution is just as valid today as it was 200+ years ago. We don't need to change a THING!

Love ya! Mean it!! (But don't tell Kim she doesn't get to vote anymore. She might get annoyed with you...)

sarnali2 02-27-2009 12:13 PM

Hoo-Boy.... you guys are on a role here, hang on a sec while I make some popcorn......

BrowningBAR 02-27-2009 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore (Post 205848)
Yes, as I stated, I went and found an exact transcript of his speech so I could accurately report the ruinous plans this manic has for us. We must understand our enemy. We can't just throw around loose talk, we have to pin down exactly what he said so we can see just how disasterous these plans really are. I wasn't being lazy; it's too important to get it wrong by paraphrasing. That's why I cut and pasted his own words.

Lame. Cut the gimmick.

BrowningBAR 02-27-2009 12:23 PM

Did KPaul take over your account Kenneth?

Kenneth_Moore 02-27-2009 12:34 PM

Lame. Cut the gimmick.

Did KPaul take over your account Kenneth?

Is that the best you've got, or are you just in a hurry?

BrowningBAR 02-27-2009 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore (Post 205864)
Lame. Cut the gimmick.

Did KPaul take over your account Kenneth?

Is that the best you've got, or are you just in a hurry?

I can't put forth the energy to bash one idiotic politician when they are all f**king with the economy at the same time and stealing from our bank accounts to fund their special needs. BUT, to back one and say he is going to change it all is just sad.

And yes, you DO sound like KP right now.

acecycleins 02-27-2009 12:48 PM

It's a mistake
The infra-structure jobs do not last a life-time. Not in the offer PresBO made to us. His vision is a giant temporary work-force to fix some things for feel good effort. He's trying to sell you on the fact that this is a remedy. It's a band-aid.

Furthermore, every project you listed could have been accomplished by private industry. It may help to have the Fed funds when those industries started, but the same thing could have and would have been accomplished without goverment allocation. In some cases, even faster and more efficently.

You can't seriously buy that whole tax relief lie? Almost 50% of Americans do not pay federal income tax. If you tax the people that employ us (the top 15%) what the hell do you think will happen? I've stated on this very site that unemployment will reach 10% within his first two years in office. I really think it could happen by the 4th quarter now. Small business owners are bailing out in wholesale fashion. The only segment of employment that is growing is Public (Government) jobs. HOW IS THIS GOOD?

Here we are sucking the hind teet of Lady Liberty. She's either crying or laughing- the French did make her and look at them now.

Every country has had their National Auto makers change hands with exception of us and Japan. If Ford pulls through they can be the home team. Chrysler hasn't been American owned in a long time. Nobody cares. With the exception of nostalgia why should it make a difference if GM is sold or even in business? Capitalism is how it was born- it's how it should die.

Nobody wants to die from lack of healthcare, but the system should be designed where I can buy what I want until my needs change. If your mom goes through life healthy and buys her healthcare coverage based on that and her situation changes there should be provisions to allow for adjustment without penalty with the exception of premium increased based on needs. If your 20yo and you pick a plan based on a couple of trips a year for check-ups your premium should reflect that. If your asthmatic or you have high blood pressure buy based off needs. Why's that so hard?

Also, heathcare industry as a whole takes a beating in frivolous lawsuits. Tort reform- loser pays system would correct that and premiums will decrease.

Your energy rebut was so easy- please refer to paragraph two part about private sector development. No one said they didn't like the handouts, but everything could be accomplished without the guiding hand of politicians.

Your average school district collects about $12k per kid to educate them. What if you could take your part of your kids funding and put it to use in a school that DOESN'T SUCK. What a deal- get your kid educated with money that your district is wasting.

I didn't say anything about race or religion. Conservitives (regardless of what libs believe) come in different races, religions, or sexual preferences.

I think that what started out as a society based on rule of law and constitutional government with little involvement from the Federal level has drastically moved into a different direction. I want to go back. If those people that believe Big Gummit is the answer to all import questions of life what and want to live like that then they can divide up the states into the groups that want it as it was originally intended and those that don't.

You can switch sides if you like and you can work on either side. But I shouldn't be EXPECTED to shoulder the responsibility of those that will not lift a finger to help themselves. I don't believe it's the governments place to make me do it. If I choose to donate time, money or resources to a Cause it's my choice.

If you think that people need to be told how to take care of those in need then I understand, but I will always disagree. We are the most generous people on the Earth. The gummit doesn't need to metal in that by forcing us to take care of one another. We do it naturally.

The written meaning of the Constitution is not what it was even 40 years ago. It's changed everytime the Supreme's come up with a ruling that is contrary to the document. But I won't get into Law here. I only play a lawyer on TV.

BTW- Those big evil oil, pharmicudical, and bank companies donate millions of dollars on resources and in cash to help those that need it. Damn them for making profits.

So there!

longride 02-27-2009 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore (Post 205864)
Lame. Cut the gimmick.

Did KPaul take over your account Kenneth?

Is that the best you've got, or are you just in a hurry?

It may not be the best he got, but it'll do. Damn Ken. What's next, kissing the ground Obamalama walks on? Your lips must be sore from kissing the guy's ass so much. Sheesh.

seruzawa 02-27-2009 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by longride (Post 205870)
It may not be the best he got, but it'll do. Damn Ken. What's next, kissing the ground Obamalama walks on? Your lips must be sore from kissing the guy's ass so much. Sheesh.

I've yet to see explanations for releasing the USS Cole terrorists and giving a billion dollars to Hamas. Knuckling under to Russia in Kyrgystan. Congratulating Hugo Chavez for taking permanent dictatorship of Venezuela.

This Obama adminisrtration is becoming a barrel of laughs.

Carter II. We'll be in a very bloody war that will exceed Korea AND Vietnam war within 3 years. This is what happens when you have a spineless coward who only has to guts to use the Presidency to single out American citizens.

Kenneth_Moore 02-27-2009 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by longride (Post 205870)
It may not be the best he got, but it'll do. Damn Ken. What's next, kissing the ground Obamalama walks on? Your lips must be sore from kissing the guy's ass so much. Sheesh.

Look, this site has thread after thread putting Obama somewhere between Satan and the Anti-Christ. I've seen threads proposing civil war for chrissakes. I don't kiss anyone's ass, I don't worship anybody, but I see some merit in many of Obama's ideas. NOT ALL OF THEM, but many.

I do think there are some good ideas in that speech, and that it's worthwhile to put up both points of view. This wouldn't be much fun if we all sat around agreeing with each other on everything from bikes to politics. I like to call it "Fair and Balanced" (I made that up).

I'm ok with y'all ripping into it, as long as we keep it from becoming personal and focus on the issues. Kirk did a great response, I came back with another viewpoint. You and I did the same on ABS and other issues. Probably nobody changes their point of view in the long run, but we're better for having had the interaction.

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