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Default Re: Africa GP Results

Having just watched the race, Rossi looks like a real racer..the bike was not as good as Biaggi, but he rode around it....but I think on faster tracks the Yamaha may have its work cut out as the Honda was clearly faster.

All the other Hondas were way behind...so I know wonder why Rossi did not win with more of a gap than he did!!!
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

Rossi amazes me. I'ld love to see Schumaker go to Jaguar and do the same thing. Incredible race to watch... this is what racing should be.
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

This looks to be the start of a great GP season.

Rossi and Biaggi and Gibernau made a great race.

Rossi is going to have his hands full for the rest of the season, I think. It looked like he wrung every thing out of that Yammer, and used every trick he had to keep Biaggi at bay. On the faster tracks I don't know if he can keep the Hondas behind him.

Good on Shane Byrne on the Aprillia, strange track, hard machine to ride , hes got a looong road ahead of him.

I didn't catch what happened to the Suzuki's? They crap out? I only saw one rider go down during the race.

rough start for the satelite Ducati team. Both bike in the pits by lap 10.
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

The second Yamaha was a whopping 36 seconds behind Rossi! Norick Abe said he couldn't believe it when he saw it.

But what a race, Rossi and Biaggi really went at it from the start, the intensity was incredible, well done to both.

It must have been tough for the other Honda's, being outclassed by Rossi and Biaggi like that, ouch...

Here's Biaggi's comment on the race (from his website, http://www.max-biaggi.com/Eng/Racing.htm?NNews=137):

Hey guys,

Did you enjoy the today?s race? I did, for sure. We kept an incredibly fast rhythm, and I enjoyed the race so much that I?m not even tired. I could start again right now even if I gave the 110% . We set up the new material we received from Honda in just four hours, or better, we understood something about it. And with this I wish to underline the great job made by my team. It has been the best way to remember Antonio. I think that we can get more from it with some extra time of work. In the last section of the track I was loosing something to Rossi and although I tried hard in the last lap, I was not able to pass him. Anyway, congratulations to him because he made a great race. I think than the mutual respect, above all after such a race, is indubitable. At the start the bike high-sided and I lost a fraction of time but, luckily, I was able to control it and I was third into the first turn. That gave me a great enthusiasm and after some fighting with Gibernau, me and Rossi went away. We lapped in 1?33 and something all the race long and despite the stress we gave them, our Michelin tyres were been something of superlative. As first race of the year was not so bad: we warmed up well, we got the rust off? A special thanks to the guys of the Fan Club that came so far, from Italy, to support me. It was fantastic to see you.
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Default Video confession

Here's proof that this season is going to be as good racing to watch as we'd all hoped for. Lead-swappin', neck-and-neck duelling between Biaggi and Rossi was awesome -- the rivalry feels that much more real with the pair on different machines, which for me at least added to the fun.

How does the doctor do it?

Why did I not hear about the one time FASTER was shown in my city until after the fact?

Hope to see Nicky or a Ducati (maybe a suzuki) on the podium a few more times, too.

Now, a video confession. I did not get to see the entire race, and I may not get to see any of future ones. As a student, I just can't swing the price of Speed channel, but I'm searching for someone who records them in general who would be nice enough to send me a copy -- I'd certainly pony up shipping and cassette costs. Maybe we can get a couple of tapes circulating for all of us MOrons who don't have the 'xpensive cable channels?

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Default Re: Africa GP Results

I think this proves that Rossi is by far the best of this generation. It is good that some Americans are making some progress and having some respectable finishes. But as long as The Doctor is racing, everybody else is vying for second place!
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Default Re: Video confession

Sometimes you can go to a Sports Bar and get them to turn the Channel to Speed. You also missed two full hours of WSK, from Monza. Where do you live?
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

helluva race. no doubt this will be a real dogfight between yamaha and honda, with the fans being the benificiaries.

helluva risk by yamaha. if they hire the best rider in the world and he doesn't win the championship it will look like the yamaha is second rate. on the other hand, if he wins, it will look like he elevated a second-rate bike on sheer talent. hard to figure what they were thinking in hiring rossi.
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

Yeah, but when push comes to shove winning is winning. If Yammerhammer wins then most dissenting arguments will seem like sour grapes.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

Definitely a great race. Next year Rossi needs to go to Proton or WCM and show the world he's really the man.

By the way, did y'all catch WSB race 2? How 'bout Frankie Chili? That was some performance.
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