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Default Re: Africa GP Results

Yeah, Nicky finished 5th and it sucks. At least, Nicky knew before the race began that he'd be in trouble because of corners that he can't get through without loosing time. What's completely incredible is Rossi taking a bike that could not compete last year and getting enough time to re-vamp the machine before the season started. He may go down in history as the best GP racer ever. He sure deserves it. The guy can ride the wheels off of anything. Yamaha is going to hate it when the contract is up and Rossi goes to race F1.
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Default Re: Mighty Max and Little Loris

I'd like to see a match race where the two switched bikes and road again on the same day - same set up. Wonder if Mad Max would find a set up problem on the Yamaha after Rossi beat him on the Honda. The only thing to say after losing is, "the other guy won". That guy just can't come out and admit he was bested. I love someone who hates to lose but I can't stomach an excuse maker.
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

I cant imagine Rossi racing at that pace all season without crashing at some point. He looks like he is pushing himself to new limits on a bike that is not as dominating as he was used to with Honda. Great race!
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Default Re: Africa GP Results

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but in the race I watched, Biaggi was pushing just as hard if not harder than Rossi. If anyone's going to be on the ground first it'll be Biaggi.
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