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My name is Heather Lockwood Im 27years old and Ive been riding motorcycles for about 20 years and racing for 10. Growing up our house revolved around 2 things, horses and horsepower. My dad was a professional Motocross racer and aviator from Southeast Alaska, and mom was a professional horse instructor and competitor. So naturally I grew up somewhere in the middle of all that. I rode off and on growing up splitting my time between riding my dirt bike, competing on my horse and playing hockey. At that time I mostly just rode out in the desert with my dad and little brother and some times on a little track in my yard. It wasnt till 2003 that I entered my first race and set foot on my first real track (all in the same day).
We were out camping in the desert and heard from some friends that there was a motorcycle race taking place not far from our camp. My dad and my brother decided they wanted to race and when I got wind of what they were doing I wanted in! I had no idea what the race was all about I just knew that if my little brother was doing it then I wasnt going to be left out. Reluctantly my dad entered me in the womens beginner class in the 2003 Adelanto Gp.
Although my little TTR 125 and I only managed about 3 laps before ending up in a heap of dirt some where out in the desert, Id effectively caught the moto bug and was hooked on racing. Within 3 months I sold the TTR and with a little help from my family bought a YZ 125. Within 5 months of my first race I was sitting on the line of my first motocross race, the Mammoth motocross. My little brother had ultimately become hooked on motocross as well from his Adelanto experience. So he and I, with the help of my dad and boyfriend raced our way thru the local tracks around central California for 7 more years. In 2010 I made the jump to the WMX Pro class where I'm now preparing for my first full season as a Pro. I have finished 4 x as a top 10 finisher at Mammoth Motocross, a 3 x time winner of A Day in the Dirt.

Nowadays I ride about 3 days a week and race as many times a weekend as I can. I also spend 4-5 days in the gym alternating between weights, and endurance training as well as cardio and the occasional yoga class. In the summer time I like to spend more of my time working out outdoors either running or mountain biking. I work hard and ride hard to be where I am at today. I know that my friendly and approachable personality on and off the track helps me to be able to communicate and demonstrate proper techniques so valuable to the up and coming riders, from the first time rider to the more experienced riders looking to improve their skills.

2010 WMX Pro rookie at Pala #82. Unfortunately my nerves and the flu got the better of me and I ended up 26-27. Although the day didnt go so well I got the valuable experience I needed to help better prepare myself in the off season for the 2011 outdoor national series. I earned the national number 65, and moving up 17 places for 2011.
2011 WMX Pro I raced Hangtown 31-29 and Pala 23-22 earning the national number 54, and moving up 14 places for 2012, I was pitting under the Rockwell Semi.
2012 WMX Pro #54
Other results include winning the Day in the Dirt twice, 1st place Women's Pro at the Women's Motocross International. As well as many local races across Southern California.
I believe that I am a good candidate for any company to sponsor because I work hard and ride hard to be where I am at today. I know that my friendly and approachable personality on and off the track makes me a good representative to any company. Not only will I work hard to help promote my sponsors at all times but I will always appreciate being given the chance to do so.
Thank you
Heather Lockwood-Kelley
WMX # 125

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