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Default [PICS] SX Paris Bercy 2011

I am pleased to enclose that link to show you my work, based on some of our main European moto races, I hope that you will appreciate it, do not hesitate to let me know what you think. I will regularly update my galeries, so, to be continued !

And please, share the link around you !!

Xavier Leporcher (aka MX PIXL), France

SX Paris Bercy 2011

Justin Barcia

Jack Weimer
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Nice shutter-work.
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Thank the_AirHawk ; )
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Default Alima, Thorald, Nerusul and Phil Iceland

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Default Falk, Ketil, Hogar and Gonzales Colombia

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Default Yorik, Bozep, Reto and Moff United states minor outlying i

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Default Ugrasal, Kaelin, Kirk and Yespas Samoa

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