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Originally Posted by mscuddy View Post
...Yeah, I'm in the process of assenbling all the crap I need to make my own ATV wheelchair, but mine is going to be a hybrid, with a 5hp Briggs running a generator, with two deep cell marine batteries wired in series to get 24 volts, then each drive wheel will have it's own electric motor, so I can steer it with a joy stick potentiometer. They cost around ten grand (yes!) if you buy one, I figurie mine will cost about a grand to build. And it will be trick because of the gas motor/generator/'lectric motor deal.

There has GOT to be some Federal 'Green' funding in there somewhere!
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Yeah, like they'd give any money to a WASP with a broken back, hell I'm lucky to get a box of catheters without hocking the house. Puhleeze Mr. Push Rod.

Not a bad idea though...maybe I'll put "Eskimo" in the race box.
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indeed, that gas motor/generator/electric thingy you have in mind will be very very trick.

I'm doing fine btw, that was almost ten years ago now.

You have the best sig line on the forum. One of the best lines from my most favorite film (which I cannot get my wife to appreciate one bit). That was what this country was once all about .......

Regards, Charles.
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