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Default The AMMEX 250 MX

In the 1970's Gary Jones was a champion, racing under the Team Jones banner with his brother DeWayne, and father Don Jones as manager, Gary had won national championships on Yamahas, Hondas and Can Ams.

In 1975 Gary injured his leg, and Can Am bought out his contract for $70,000.00. Without a ride, and spurred on by the un-sinkable Don Jones, the Jones family purchased the entire on-the-ropes Moto-Islo motorcycle factory in Mexico, from Frank Cooper.

Under Mexican law, 68% of the motorcycle had to built of Mexican sourced parts, So Jones sourced the other 32% out to the leading aftermarket companies of the time, Sun Rims, Diamond Chains, Mikuni Carbs, etc. and in the process produced a trick 250cc MX bike.

Jones had turned his attention to the Cooper Enduro bikes that Frank Cooper had built, using Italian and German (Sachs) motors, in Mexican Moto-Islo frames, that were based on the geometry of a Maico. A few Cooper parts were laying around the factory, and Jones decided to base the prototype new bike on that design. Papa Jones brought chrome moly tubing, and blocks of high grade steel down to Mexico in his Motor Home, for the Mexican workers to use in building the new racer, instead of the pot-metal crankshafts and water-pipe frames that Moto-Islo was known for. You don't see Mexican steel on the Space Shuttle.

In 1976 the AMMEX was born, and it was pretty damn trick. With a Maico side-plate slotted transmission, a dual-use kickstarter/shift shaft from a CZ, and a Yamaha YZ250 top end, the bike was fast. That, along with Zokes' on the front, and Betor shocks on the back, made the bike a handler, and placed Jones in the top ranks of the '76 season. Reliability issues cause a few DNFs, but the axe fell on AMMEX when the Peso got devalued at the end of 1976, and AMMEX was suddenly worth only 10% of its original value. Gary Jones lost his shirt, and within a few months AMMEX (and Islo) shut it's doors

Damn amazng when you think about it. Can you imagine a privateer now days buying a motorcycle factory, just to have a ride? Honda snapped up the Islo name in 1983, and produced Trail 90's under the Islo brand for a year or so, and that was it. Honda closed the factory for good in 1984.

1976 Ammex 250. Looks like a CZ
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Thanks, Cuddy! I remember seeing some Coopers and Islos waay back when, but never an Ammex.
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Talking Owner, AMMEX 250, Jones Islo "1979"

I currently own a 1979 AMMEX, Jones Islo 250 MX. All the original paper work says 1979, Shipping Bill of lading, Bill of Sales from the original Dealer... I'm looking for a bone yard ready (scrap metal) AMMEX. I need a few parts. My 1974 Cooper 250 Moto Islo parts though close,are not exact, (Yes I own a Cooper as well) I ride the AMMEX often and I can tell you even by today's standards this thing IS a ride to be enjoyed.
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