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gbrummett 07-21-2004 04:11 AM

Rode in today on my bike like I do everyday. Counted the number of bikes I saw (7 total) and didn't see anymore or less then any other day.

Pretty sad, guess they can't take the heat here in Mesa Arizona

TatdNPrcd 07-21-2004 04:18 AM

Re: Ride To Work Tomorrow!
My wife is riding her Road Glide for you today. She is a grade school teacher so she doesn't go to work this time of year but instead of taking the car on errands she's promised to ride her bike.

She wanted me to tell you that it was for you and for those with you who can't ride today either.

sarnali 07-21-2004 04:22 AM

Re: what the f**k !!!
My normal commute is A). done one my bike and B). allways a snooze

This morning on "Ride to Work Day" I had some Dean Martin looking f**k in a Hawiian shirt and a new Mustang play chiken with me while I was trying to merge from hwy 18 to I-5 northbound (he won)

Then some ***** in a Caravan wanted to play bumper tag going up the carpool lanes @ 80mph

Then some zombie in a Expedition tried to make a lane change into my saddlebags, even when he saw me he took awhile deciding if he should give me back the other 3/4's of my lane.

This is the first year in ages that I've rode in on RTW day, usually this turns out to be the one day out of the year I have to drive for some reason, now I know why. It seems that after a few weeks of high 80's around here people start getting addled.

SmokeU 07-21-2004 04:35 AM

Re: Ride To Work Tomorrow!
I don't ride in planes, I ride my bike.

pdad13 07-21-2004 04:53 AM

Re: Ride To Work Tomorrow!
I'll make sure I do an extra trip for ya, too. You deserve it.

Thanks for your service and be safe, bud.

Steve781 07-21-2004 04:53 AM

I'd Love to But...
I got knocked off my bike by a cage while riding into work last Thursday. My Arai Helmet and Firstgear Jacket did their jobs. Nothing is broken but most of me is black, blue, or yellow/green(!). My poor VFR is going to need some new plastic. The Givi side bags soaked up most of the damage, or it would have been a lot worse for both me and the bike.

As a side note, although the Firstgear mesh jacket kept me from getting any road rash, I'm not very happy with the construction. The shoulder armor ripped clean off exposing the flimsy liner underneath. Any more sliding on that should and I would have been in a world of hurt.

Do ride to work, but keep your eyes open. They are trying to kill you.

seruzawa 07-21-2004 05:01 AM

Wrong attitude, dude!
I prefer to look at it this way. Today, during my normal 42 mile morning commute, I was pleased to demonstrate to several pathetic loser tie wearing drones that their supposed "performance cars" are the ridiculously slow ill-handling cages that they are.

Someone should tell these clowns with the midlife crises that when they drive a Taurus or Camry their poor driving skills are unnoticeable since that what everybody expects. But when they parade their lack of talent in a Z3 or a Mustang or a Thunderbird they only provoke peals of laughter.

If you dress up a monkey in a tuxedo all you have is a monkey in a tuxedo. Put an inept drone a Corvette and all you get is an inept drone in a Corvette. Albeit a more dangerous drone.

pdad13 07-21-2004 05:10 AM

Re: what the f**k !!!
I had an extremely bright woman merge into my lane (at low speed approaching an intersection) because because she mistook my riding in the left tire track as "riding between lanes." I then had to pull a little farther left when she invaded my lane. When she was inches from knocking me down, I stopped to "educate" her. She still insisted that I was between lanes as I was SITTING stopped, clearly inside the lane marker. When I pointed this out, she just kind of stared at me blankly.

Also had a guy in a Carerra 4 convertible left-lane squatting and erratically riding the brake in front of me for a third of the trip. When I was finally able to safely pass, I noticed he was screwing with a cell phone.

Traffic, road construction most of the way, too.

But I would do it all over again.

seruzawa 07-21-2004 05:13 AM

Re: Ride To Work Tomorrow!
Next time get them to mount your MV to the top of the fuselage. What a rush, huh?

captainwhoopass 07-21-2004 05:20 AM

Re: Wrong attitude, dude!
And a much poorer drone...

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