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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

In some respects I have to agree about 'just barely keeping up'. I was dying to replace my aging (but immensely capable 900RR) but just couldn't make the switch for incremental power and handling. I was hoping the 929 was the R1 killer some talked about. Make no mistake the 929 is an excellent, excellent bike, but ... well it certainly didn't kill the R1. I'm hoping this new replacement does infact raise the bar!

Regarding Hondas, same here. 4 Honda cars, 1 Honda MC.

Dave K.
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

I like the new look too and if it has more power that's a bonus. I own a 2000 929 and 254 kph @just over 10000 rpm is plenty fast enough. I hope they don't have yellow in 2002 or i'll be dealing my more than capable Honda.

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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

"Honda invented the true superbike"? Yeah, right. Is that brown ring around your neck from having your head up your a..? Saying that Honda invented the true superbike is forgetting that Ducati has all but RULED the World Superbike class since it was introduced. And the times Honda has won it was NOT with a CBR... The last time it was with A COPY OF A DUCATI!!! OK, so Honda makes a reliable streetbike. And they build it well. But they also have built some real, um, shall we say "gems" in their attempt to get there. Have you ever heard about Honda V-Four oiling problems? 500 Interceptor crankshaft failures? RC-45's that looked cool but never really were quite ready for prime time? And HEAVY RC-51's? Knocking Yamaha's R1 on build quality and longevity is a bit off the mark-the bike has had fewer recalls than your beloved 929. The R1 is a great bike, even if you fail to see it through your jaundiced eye.

By the way, if you want to split hairs and say that Honda built the first lightweight open class streetbike (which you seem to think is a "TRUE SUPERBIKE"), you're STILL as wrong as Chrysler is when they claim they invented the minivan. Chrysler PERFECTED the concept that VW came out with in the 50's (the MicroBus), just as Honda did a great job perfecting Suzuki's original GSX-R1100. Give credit where credit is due!

In case you're wondering, I HAVE a 929. I like it, but it's not the greatest thing since sliced bread. When comparing it to my friend's R1, the build quality issue is almost a wash, the reliability of each has been good (with mine having the recall and a couple of factory "updates" at no charge) and both making riding fun.

Now, about that Mille R I just test rode... That was quite a bike! It should be fun to see just how much great new stuff comes out this year!
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

Honda CBR929RR is the bike for 2000, not the GSXR, not the R1, not the ZX9. Says who? Says I. Are you guys insane dissing Honda? Who makes real engines besides Honda? Oh yeah, let's get the Yamaha keyboard and jump in the 3 cylinder Suzuki car that they built and head off to the beach! The 929 is the bomb bike. It is an echo from the technology put into their cars, Integra Type R, Acura NSX, Prelude V-TECH. Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawi, please. At least I can trailer my bike there on, oh say, teh Honda S2000 with my 929. Or the NSX? Oh my God, what about ancient carb technology on the R1? tisk tisk. Fuel injected is the only way my friends. If you live on the track, go head get the r1 or gsxr. But if you have a life, get the Honda 929 and a nice honda car. (remember, we are talking about honda to honda, so dont respond back with "what about the beemer or VW or porche?) Anyways I can go on forever. But Honda is the best all-arounder, tons of speed, reliable, and renowned-THEY MAKE RACE MOTORS FOR BIKE AND CARS, not keyboards and headphones like YAMAHA!!! That's so funny!
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

both you guys sound like a couple of whiners..

the 929 is by far the best street sport bike out there..its got handling,braking,looks,comfort, whoopy doo its a few mph slower then the gixxer 1000 if any of you clowns would know about having balls and putting the 929 down to a lean and just smoke by the big slow heavy moving crap wagon 1000 in the next turn and you wouldnt be crying about how fast it is because you would be in front of it "like me"my 929 and me are well know in nyc for being the fastest out there..so both of you stfu allready..the 929 with me on it is the fastest out there!!!!!
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Originally Posted by moose View Post
that's an insult to the R1, calling it the new harley davidson.
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