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stevegrab 03-12-2001 12:42 PM

Re: AMA News
Does anybody know if this "newsletter" is something that AMA members receive? Or is it possibly part of the AMA's monthly magazine (American Motorcyclist)?

This sounds familiar, so maybe it is in the magazine.

Where did MO get it (mail, email, web site)??

hackfu 03-12-2001 01:13 PM

Re: AMA News
We recieved it via email.

BMWR1100GS 03-19-2001 12:39 PM

Re: AMA News
I heard on WTOP (a Washington DC news radio station) that email to Congress is almost totally ignored. Congress receives 80 million emails per year (I believe that was the number quoted). So much of it is spam, that many members simply ignore all of it. Members are being encouraged to use filtering software, but that will not happen anytime soon. If you are concerned about government issues, letters and phone calls are still the way to be heard. Maybe one day the Leviathan that is our government will catch up with the private world. and the 21st century.

Go to and get your representative's information.

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