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Default Re: Deja Vu

first post.

sure, I'll give up motorcycling when polititicans give up lying.
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Default Re: Deja Vu

No, no, no! You see, once the government steps in and forces motorcycle helmets on to everyone's head, history has shown, that the government will take no additional steps. They clearly will not butt in any further.

I think it's time that the government eliminated ALL risks for us as I am obviously unable to make that decision for myself.
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Default Re: Deja Vu

You're giving the gov't too much credit for original thought. Driving this, as with helmet laws and seatbelt laws, is the insurance industry lobby.

Soon, we'll be required to pay premiums not for 'coverage' but for 'your own protection.' It's about a half a step removed from the mob right now.
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Default Re: Deja Vu

Interesting article. Maybe if we take away all these risky personal choices, we'll all be healthier AND bored. And then still die.

Last time I checked, All of the greatest leaders in history had a tendency to engage in what others deemed risky behavior. Which is why you won't see many of our current politicians highlighted in the history books in the future for their great deeds and heroic leadership.
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Default Re: Deja Vu

You will be riding for a long time then...
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Default Re: Deja Vu

The reduction of injury and suffering is a good goal of any government but...there is always a but... There is always a conflict between that and the rights of individuals to put them selves at risk. Motorcycles, rock climbing, white water rafting (a guy just died on one of our white water rivers here in ID), flying in small planes, base jumping (a base jumper also died here in Idaho this spring) and so on. Where does it stop?

Citizens must support the nation but the nation must support individual citizens and part of that IMO, is allowing citizens to actually risk their own welfare and safety by engaging in behavior and activities that others feel are an unreasonable risk. If the safety folks were serious they would focus on stuff that really matters such as the lack of affordable health and preventative care for all citizens. That would save more lives every year that all the helmets in the world.
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Default Re: Deja Vu

I've only seen one or two bikes here in the D.F. Talk about risky behavior!

Driving in Mexico City makes Manhattan look civilized.

I guess ol' Bloomberg is going to aggressively go into people's homes and rip them off of their couches.

Guard those Krispy Kremes KP!
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Default Minimize his chances of injury

[b]So if Mr. Jacob Sullum wants to follow his own advice and minimize his chances of injury, he should only drive around in a full size Hummer while also wearing a helmet and armor![b]
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Default Re: Deja Vu

The article is spot on.

Nobody will have a motorcycle accident when nobody rides a motorcycle. Very sound logic. I may not like it, but it 100% true and may well be legislation one day.

The power ranger pro helmet-legislation crowd better realize that by empowering the government to force one form legislation on the motorcycle population, you empower them to enforce any type of legislation on us.

The EPA is well on its way to outlaw any type of modification to motorcycles, even something as benign as altering gear ratio or air filters. Soon we will have legislated horsepower limits and speed restrictors on motorcycles. And with the EPA banning all mods to motorcycles, you’ll have to ride what you can buy … no aftermarket goodies to increase horsepower.

Ironically, the majority of folks I know that ride helmet-less (and most I know that ride wearing helmets) will not be too concerned about 100hp or 100mph limits on bikes. I most certainly am not.

But I can see the power rangers sh1tting themselves over this one though … I guess then it will be an opportunity for the previously-helmet-less crowd to call you stupid and support the government encroaching on what you believe to be your rights.

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The Toad

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Default Re: Deja Vu

Govt original thought? Scary stuff. I'm trying to think of any govt social program that ever achieved its goals and am unable to think of one. Look at our drug policy. Street drugs are more availible and cheaper than ever. Social Security even subsidizes drug addicts. And tens of thousands of non-violent offenders languish in jail for no other reason than the cops finds it easier (and safer) to arrrest and prosecute users than go after the really dangerous people of society.... like US Senators and people who print photographs of Helen Thomas. You only need to see how well the homes of the cops on the drug squad are furnished to see just how the WOD has corrupted Law Enforcement and ultimately achiveved nothing except create another class of well-funded criminal gangs.

And people still trust the govt to protect them? LOL!

On second thought, since the true purpose of any govt program is to expand and perpetuate itself then most govt programs have succeeded beyond all expectations.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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