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HankMurphy 02-14-2001 10:44 AM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
I am posting aboutt 12:37 California time...and I am making the first post. This is a problem!

This story, which is perhaps the most important one which MO has put up in the last couple of weeks[1], has attracted about 100 readers. During lunch hour, which is a fairly busy period for MO, I suspect.

At the same time, a royal flame-fest is going on in the 600cc sportbike thread about California Air Resources Board restrictions on motorcycles in California. About 1900 people have read it. Don't you people have a clue?

The imposition of those dreaded California pollution restrictions is a political decision. You won't affect it by reading or flaming in MO. You may affect it by judicious use of the AMA Rapid Response Center.

You also should know that you get the government you deserve. Put your energy where it may do some good!

[1] with due respect to the helmet law and EPA stories in that time period.

SB8RC 02-14-2001 10:58 AM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
you know what im tired of? im sick and tired of four stroke riders like ernesto fonseca. Im also sick of harleys. The following things suck: HARLEYS, FOUR STROKE MOTOCROSS BIKES, AND YAMAHA , oh and those hos that ride on the back of harleys with too little clothing on thier nasty old bodies. You deserve to die if u have a big jacked up 1958 chevy with more rust than paint and a confederate flag. have a nice day.

Sparky 02-14-2001 10:59 AM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
Well said!

VFRider 02-14-2001 11:00 AM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
United we stand....divided we get screwed! Check out the site, get involved, and for God's sake join the AMA.

ironmike 02-14-2001 11:05 AM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
Well noted, Hank... succinct, accurate, and painfully truthful. How refreshing to find pragmatic wisdom articulated amongst the petty conflagrations.

Be not despondent, for all users are not blinded by the incendiary rhetoric, and many do recognize the pervasive tentacles of such insidious politically motivated trends.

We applaud AMA efforts in our behalf.

JohnnyRider 02-14-2001 11:22 AM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
This simple site is enough to convince me to join the AMA. Just came back from sending comments to my elected officials. My current financial status dictates another season on my trusty 1982 KZ1000J, so the shootout makes for nice reading, but the reality is that Hank is right. This is the kind of info I might actually pay for, MO!!

pushrod 02-14-2001 05:45 PM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
You gotta figure the highway departments design and build for the majority of vehicles, so we two- (and three-) wheelers have to put up with things like (my pet peeve) ARMCO Barriers, K-rails and other "safety" equipment.

Don't be bashful! Write, call or visit your legislators! If you are like me, and have a job and a family, join AMA and support them in their fighting the good fight. Nobody is going to listen to us otherwise.

drwarr 02-14-2001 06:35 PM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
The only way to avoid discrimination is to stay informed and fight. This Rapid Response Center is just the ticket. Last night, I wrote 5 letters in less than 10 minutes using the "take action now" button. Easy.

Yes we do have power: Remember Clinton's Roadless Proposal? It was significantly modified because of thousands of comments objecting to the exclusion of OHV in public forests.

This is the best thing to come from AMA in a long time.

Do it, or loose it, squid.

Thomas A. Warr, MD


granny 02-14-2001 06:46 PM

Re: AMA Rapid Response Center
I agree, this is a truly useful story, kudos to the AMA for the directlink web site.

FloridaSteve 02-15-2001 06:45 AM

Moderator... Please delete this stupid moron.
Moderator... Please delete this stupid moron.

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