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xlr8r 12-20-2005 05:22 AM

Re: Biker back from world odyssey.
Hooray, someone remembers the old Suzuki 500! I had one in the 70s, went up and down the country on it, went to Europe on it, also with little tent and a gas stove, and had a ball. Met some Dutch and German guys on BMW R90S's, KZ1000s, and the like, who all said they'd started on a T500, and welcomed me into the great world of travelling bikers. It made a lasting impression, because 30 years later I still can't think of anything I'd rather do than put a little tent and stove on a bike and get on the ferry to France...

mjlewis 12-20-2005 08:48 AM

Someone asked for his story. . .
It took a little too much digging, but:

There's pictures there as well.

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