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Default Re: MO

Nice stereotype. Some people actually want to know how their bikes will perform at the limit. It's relevant information if you want to ride hard. Some of us even take track days and club race regularly; thousands of us, in fact. And what is so wrong with getting bragging rights anyway? Sorry we're not all elitist, pseudo-intellectual bikers like yourself.
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Default Re: MO

Like most I have some interest in the track stuff, as it shows the bike at its limits. But riding on the street (these are street legal bikes, not track only 250GP racers by the way) I rarely use that limit. I would like to know how it does on the street, how do the bikes compare to each other after 200-300 miles in the saddle.

You're very wrong that these bikes aren't any different whatsoever in "cruising ability". First I don't care about cruising, but do have to ride in the real world where the twisties are a good 50+ miles away. Second, they are different in overall comfort, and that also varies depending on the rider.

All the original poster is saying is, you ask for our opinion (you were in the minorty if you picked track only) and most people wanted a street or equal bias. But so far what we see indicates nothinn about testing on the street (which is more than does it have a center-stand, which none do, or a clock).
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Default GSX-R 750

Ok... Last year the gixxer 750 was tested in the openbike shootout (generally 900cc's or higher). Now that suzuki has a true open class bike, the gixxer 1k, and a 600... where does this leave the 750 to be tested???
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