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Default Re: A Red Ryder Ranger Rifle with a compass in the stock...

Oooooo, yeah, a list of people's favorite roads with a rating system that other's can go in a rate. That would be incredibly useful. Although I can feel the reluctance to reveal your very own piece of tamac paradise seeping through the cables and screen as I type. C'mon, you selfish bastards, time to share!

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Motorcycle Forum
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Default Re: And the point is...

Make sure you don't ignore the reasons people subscribed in the first place.

I love that your bike tests reveal the opinions of numerous riders, each with different levels of ability. While I'll never be half as good as someone like Roland Sands, it's great to see what the bike has the potential of doing. And when you combine his opinions with another test rider of far less ability you end up with a balanced view.

I bought the 2002 Honda CBR600 F4i. Roland hated its ground clearance, but the other (lesser) riders didn't seem to have a problem with it. And the slowest rider was fastest on the Honda (guess which tester I related to). The more diversity you can get in the test riders' ability and size the better.

A track test for sports bikes is a must. I love seeing the lap times for each bike, and the drag strip times as well. Taking tourers to the track is also be very benefical, as you can see how close their times are to the sport bikes (especially with the slower test riders).

Other must have information, is the number of hours on the road before the bum and legs start to ache, and the number of miles you can get to a tank. A side by side test against the previous model would be good too (not all new models are better).

This information should be recorded in a consistent manner for all bikes. The more information you can record the better - but record it for all bikes. This allows the reader to make their own comparisons against other bikes you may not have expected.

You cannot always predict why different people buy different bikes. I see tourers and cruisers at track days. I've passed a slow rider on an R1 at the track and been passed by a GoldWing on a twisty road. And I know of several females (including my girlfriend) who ride an R6, not because it is fast, but purely due to its size and weight.

More riding tips would be great. Your stories on the bike schools were really good, but you didn't go into enough detail about what you learnt. I know this information is available in books such as Twist of the Wrist, but it would be interesting to read more about how you guys overcame specific riding problems.

And finally, stop people like me boring everyone with long winded opinions.
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Default Re: And the point is...


1) There are ALREADY hundreds of both general & model specific motorcycling related forums!

For model specific forums, go to the motor transport section of Delphi:


For "everything you ever wanted to know" about motorcycling, go to the motorcycling forum on About.com:


2) Anyone looking for IN-DEPTH new model testing (including a whole page of specific data including estimated service costs, ergo measurements, comprehensive performance stats, etc.) can easily fill his or her requirements by subscribing to Motorcycling Consumer News. MCN does not accept ads. It contains editorial and reader supplied information you will find nowhere else, without the pretty pictures! This year, I have read of numerous (both old & new) model-specific problems in the pages of MCN, which are completely ignored by ALL other industry media (including MO)!

Little if any humor either in MCN; just the facts, ma'am~


1)A larger, more easily read, font-especially in "news" & feedback sections.

2)Accurate reviews of bikes and accessories, which consider the real world more

than your extremely limited current review content.

Just because YOU don't have to pay for a bike, mods needed "right-off-the-floor", or a bike's future service needs, why do you blithely assume that your average reader has the same "la la land" attitude?

Comparos of similar models should, for example, point out gross price discrepancies between models, instead of mentioning the subject, if at all, as almost as an afterthought in the last paragraph. Perhaps an intro with a knowledgeable historical perspective of the particular model(s) being reviewed would add depth.

3)Reviews could also contain recall data on the manufacturer's entire line and previous/similar models, and perhaps some kind of "customer satisfaction" rating for the manufacturer and/or dealers.

4)A section for reader's experiences with their dealers including subsections for buying, service, complaints, etc.

5)I'll second previous readers suggestions about more hot babes, bringing "Breakin the law" back, really emphasizing tests for more & the latest protective gear (like the inflating vest) , much more advice on buyin a used bike and which used models are the best bets, based on your vast knowledge & decades in the sport.

6)Drop most self-serving manufacturer press releases as "news"!

7)The idea for a resident service advisor is excellent!

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Default More videos & more indepth review.

I thought there was suppose to be all kinds of videos with bike reviews.

More reviews like Motorcycle Consumer news, or maybe even like Sport Rider. All out performance like Motorcycle street & strip. Gear test, tire shootouts, exhaust performance (ie which one gave the most ponies vs. noise level), etc. etc.
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The Toad

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Default Re: Real men ride in the rain. Right Seruzawa

Try riding to school through Salt Lake City in a snow storm because you got an exam you CAN'T miss and your cars busted and its 15 effin' degrees and it's 0630 and the sun ain't up yet.

Now THAT'S off-season.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: And the point is...

Just wanted to say that the technical side of the newest bikes is the primary reason I subscribe but really liked the recent story on the resto of the old Kawasaki Mach III. Riding technique articles are always welcome also.
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Old 10-02-2002, 07:46 PM   #117
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Default Re: Real men ride in the rain. Right Seruzawa

Hell boy, when I was a pup I had to ride 10 miles in the snow uphill both ways just to get my bike out of the shed so I could go fer a ride, and I didn't have no dern sissy windshield neither, just held one hand up to the front'a my davida helmet to keep the rain outa muh eyes gaddamit, wore muh old flight jacket,,,, good enough fer the 8th aaf, it's good enough fer a dern mo-sickle!!!! ana nuther thing,,,,,,,,,,
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Default Re: And the point is...

The bandit alley web site has a pretty good forum section, with general m/c topics, riding section, tech help, readers reviews and so on, someone posts a question or suggestion and if others have an answer, or suggestion they can weigh in, I don't know how hard that would be to set up but it's a really helpful feature, also track tests might be fun for you, but I like to hear how a bike performs in the real world, just ride it around for a week or two and tell us how you like it, other than that your doing great,,,, a little more 'tang would be nice, for us middle aged perv's
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Default Re: And the point is...

I say: Get rid of that KPaul guy that hates MO and loves to tell us about it!!

This should be like Communist China...just sensor all of the content that is posted!!

Chinese officials actually block the Google search engine, so chinese can not use it to get information!!

What do I really want? Just more great reviews with great videos. I have been dissappointed with recent bike reviews.
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Old 10-03-2002, 01:41 AM   #120
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Default Re: Not Just the Bikes

Yeah, I guess you are right. I want to hear more about all the improvements to the latest hardware: "All bolt heads are now hollow to further reduce unsprung weight-from the swing arm back we have dropped 28 grams!". Or something about the new color treatment (BNG) the latest RC 51 received? Or how about Suzuki simply repackaging a TL 1000 Motor in a slightly new chassis? I am indeed breathless in anticipation of this kind of stuff.

Soon you will understand grasshopper.

Not that this is not a good "webzine" but there is certainly room for improvement. Always will be.
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