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sanchin 09-25-2001 02:43 PM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
That Suzuki looks like a great bike. A comfortable bike with the TL1000 engine would be about as good a package as I could dream of. PLEASE BRING IT TO THE U.S. !

DialedIN 09-25-2001 03:19 PM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
Bring it with a bandit price tag, then I'm sold...

MrSpucial 09-25-2001 03:30 PM

2001 Milan Show
Hope Aprilia can build alittle more up to the NY Show in February. Blue Marlin? Maybe those Ducati MHE900 owners are going to be on E-Bay abit more. Benelli with a limited edition SBK Tornado? Did they even start selling regular ones yet? 998R? Wow I gotta make room on my walls for the new posters....

starvingstudent 09-25-2001 04:16 PM

The more competition the better. Bring over cheap do-it-all roadsters. That way Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki can concentrate fully on flagship-type bikes for those with disposable income, yet the rest of us still have a decent choice of cheap bikes.

Nepenthe 09-25-2001 04:56 PM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
Not a chance. Not going to see it in the US.

Suzuki's new US offerings this year are pretty slim. A couple new colors, barely upgraded SV suspension. Oh, and didn't they cancel the TL?

ihavebigpecs 09-25-2001 04:58 PM

I must have the comet!!!! the greatest bike ever!!! please bring it to the US. can you tell i'm korean?!

SeanAlexander 09-25-2001 06:12 PM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
I'll take a Blue Marlin and a 998S please.

Way to go Aprillia! that thing is beautiful!

schipwreck 09-25-2001 06:13 PM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
It's not V-Storm, it's V-Strom. Don't know why, but it is.

Either way, it looks like a TDM.

schipwreck 09-25-2001 06:19 PM

I dunno, I think there's a decent selection out there now. Plenty of cheap lightweight cruisers, the GS500 for entry-level naked bike, the Ninja 500 for entry-level sport... Plus you get an established dealer/parts/support network.

But yeah, competition's good. I wish Hyosung (sp?) luck. The Comet's neat.

schipwreck 09-25-2001 06:22 PM

BTW, I used to be a starving student myself. Now I'm a starving adult. That's why I bought a new Bandit 600 this year for $5500. Couldn't be happier.

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