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Gixxerboy 09-26-2001 11:38 AM

Re: Who are those guys?
Actually, if you click on the "english" button you get a nifty 'korglish'. Well, actually their spelling and grammer is not much worse than mine.

Funky little bikes though.

mce63 09-26-2001 11:43 AM

Re: Huge New Scooters
I see the scooter market as a way of getting the spouses on two wheels. Finally the scooters have size and power to go with the ease of use. That might be enough to make the difference.

The other market is for those who are partially disabled who couldn't otherwise ride a motorcycle but could ride a scooter.

The important thing is getting more mainstream people on two wheels.

TheFox 09-26-2001 02:28 PM

I have to disagree...I think the Aprilia Blue Marlin is very cool, but then again I'm into that whole naked streetfighter thing. I like the V-Strom too, quite a bit, but I think both of there bikes need new names. WTF is a V-Strom anyways? Stop with the "V" in from of names. Harley did it, and I know others did it before Harley, but that's all I can think of.

I think the Gilera 600 is decent, but I think all the 600's today look decent. The Gilera could use a new nose; it looks very RC51. However, those are great original graphics and good looking paint too.

Hyosung = Ho-Hum. If I wanted a GS500e, I'd buy a GS500e. I do wish them luck though.

The BMW will be nice for all the REAL adventure tourers I think - but as I don't adventure tour yet (maybe one day) I can't really comment on what makes a good one.


schipwreck 09-26-2001 07:41 PM

Well, the GS got a freshening-up last year. I dunno, I think they're both still good-looking scoots. I guess I'm just conservative.

Yeah, the Bandit 600 is down on midrange. Give it the Katana 750 engine for $500 more and it would be perfect.

schipwreck 09-26-2001 07:56 PM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
"how come Suzuki doesn't even bother with sports-tourers?"

Bandit 1200S. Throw on a set of Givis, it's a sport-tourer. Lengthen the swingarm and hop up the motor, it's a dragbike. Stiffen the suspension, it's a sportbike.

It's the Mr. Potato Head of motorcycles.

Gabe 09-26-2001 08:58 PM

Actually, the Comet's "home market" is Korea, which actually has some pretty big people in it. But I think this bike is designed for the US and European market- all the vehicles I saw in Korea (admittedly 12 years ago) were pretty small- cars, trucks and bikes. Even the fuzz ride 125's.

Hadji 09-27-2001 02:24 AM

Snappy Comeback!
Hehehehehe. Yeh! With all of his postings it looks like starvingstudent never does his schoolwork, but he sure has the time to hang on the internet. That aside, I do share his ideas about motorcycles. They should be fun, reliable and inexpensive. When I was in college I had a V65 Magna and a BMW R100S. I paid $1500 each for the Beemer and the Magna. That was back in the late '80's. Currently, I have a 1996 Suzuki DR350SET that I bought a year ago for ..... you guessed it, $1500. My point, if he keeps thinking the way he does he will never put up the money to buy a new motorcycle from a dealer. My two cents. Sim-Sim-Salabim!

Philbiker 09-27-2001 07:55 AM

Re: Maybe Yamaha wants to "wait and see"
You got it! A (non-paralever) shaft definitely has undesirable tourque reactions for sport riding, most easily noticed on mid-corner corrections when riding very aggressively. Not a problem on the real TOURING oritned sport tourers like the mini-wing ST beacause those 700+lb behemoths can't really be ridden very aggressively anyway. :-)

Philbiker 09-27-2001 07:59 AM

Re: The real answers..
If they do and you do ride one please post about it!

Philbiker 09-27-2001 08:01 AM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
It can be used as a sport tourer, yes, however it is not marketed as such. It has significant weaknesses as a sport touring bike, including but not limited to it's lack of factory luggage and fairing lowers (warm legs are nice on 30 degree dayse). I would call it a "sport standard" personally. However, using it as a sport touring bike is definitely an option! Have a nice day!

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