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Philbiker 09-26-2001 06:55 AM

The real answers. That other post is messed up.
The last post got screwed up because I used the greater and less than signs to quote. DOH!!!

]]]]Speaking of sports-tourers:

let's see now; Kawa is finally coming out with something of a sports-tourer besides the ancient Concours and it doesn't have FI...? It's hard to see much difference between the two. Are they going to have both in the line-up? [[[[[

Concourse: old tech steel frame, '80s motor, shaft drive, all inclusive (luggage included) sport tourer. Age: 14 years.

ZZR: newer tech aluminum frame, new motor,chain drive, luggage optional. Age: 0 years. Based heavily on ZX-11 and ZRX12.

I would be shocked if both were in the lineup ever again. I think this bike rings the death knell for the old Concours. I would like to see this bike named "Concours" in the USA but don't think it will happen. The ZZR is a successor to the ZX-11 GT bike. In '95 when the GPZ1100, a very similar bike to the ZZR12, came out, the Concours was temporarily dropped.

]]]]Why doesn't Yama'ma bring that sports-tourer to the U.S.?[[[[

The last time Yamaha brought an excellent high tech high dollar sports-tourer to the USA it got badly burned. The GTS1000, great bike that it is, was a very poor seller (that's being generous) despite it's technical excellence. They don't want to make that mistake again.

]]]]] For that matter, how come Suzuki doesn't even bother with sports-tourers? [[[[[

The Bandit 1200 can be used as a Sport Tourer. However, Suzy doesn't seem interested in the market. The Sport touring bike buyer usually keeps their bike a long long time and they are small in number. So small numbers + low turnover = not a lot of sales.

]]]How's Triumph ever going to sell those Trophy 1200's, when they could barely compete up 'till now? [[[[

Good question. :-)

]]]Can you tell I'm looking for a sports tourer but I can't make up my mind? 'Thought so! ;^) [[[[

Yes! :-) My only advice is don't be afraid of a chain on a sport touring bike. It's not a problem, they're easy to maintain. I've got 45K+ on my GPZ including MANY multi-thousand mile weeks on the road and the chain has never been a nuisance once. (well - once but that was the shops fault). And the engine (similar to that in the new ZZR) has been bulletproof and incredibly stong, even with the bike FULLY LOADED.

turboguzzi 09-26-2001 07:22 AM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
hey jwgrantism

looks like you haven't been following the news in MO lately...

NickdaBrick 09-26-2001 07:44 AM

Who are those guys?
I found this:

Copy and paste in the location bar, and it will take you to the Hyosung site. Unfortunately, it's in Korean. They sell weird little cruisers for Korean Brando wannabes. Who knows, they might sell in the U.S. if they're cheap enough.

HyperBusa 09-26-2001 09:16 AM

Dirt bikes?
What are those? ;)

RonXX 09-26-2001 09:52 AM

I like the idea of the Comet, but it looks to be a home market type bike. Sure it's a stereotype, but I think that the seat to peg distance looks to have been designed with the average Chinese person in mind. I bet it would fit most American women pretty well though.

hamatsu 09-26-2001 09:59 AM

have another one....
teeheehee...the 51st state. Move away from the bong now and go have a twinkie or donut with some chocolate milk.

panthercity 09-26-2001 10:02 AM

Re: Maybe Yamaha wants to "wait and see"
Are we talking S&M here or bikes?

Exactly what midcorner corrections require a chain?

panthercity 09-26-2001 10:08 AM

Re: The real answers. That other post is messed up.
"In '95 when the GPZ1100, a very similar bike to the ZZR12, came out, the Concours was temporarily dropped. "

I sure it had nothing to do with the thousands of unsold Concours sitting at dealers and in the three US warehouses...

`Course it was great for me. I got a brand new bike in `96 for under $4k! LOL all the way to the bank...

Nepenthe 09-26-2001 11:28 AM

Re: Maybe Yamaha wants to "wait and see"
Lol, I was wondering that myself.

I guess he's referring to the driveline lash/shaft delay caused by shaft final drive as opposed to chain drive when using throttle to control cornering speed, attitude and lean angle, which could hamper 'midcorner corrections'.

But I don't think "midcorner corrections require a chain" is necessarily true at all.

mce63 09-26-2001 11:33 AM

Re: 2001 Milan Show
Especially when you think about the history of the Comet airliner.

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