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tbuse 05-29-2001 06:50 AM

Re: The VFR Killer...
I agree with making it chain drive. Personally, I don't like shaft drive and won't buy a bike that has it. (Another pet peeve is I don't like linked brakes. I don't like a bike manufacturer assuming I'm a moron & doesn't know how to use the brakes.) Chain maintenence doesn't take a lot of time or effort. It is also a heck of a lot easier to tell when a chain & sprockets need to be replaced (and easier to replace them) than a shaft drive.

highside 05-29-2001 07:01 AM

Re: Team Green standards
As someone who sold there Vulcan 800 Classic this year and bought an FZ1 I think they need a 1000CC power cruiser and a 900-1000cc standard that is based on a modern sport bike in terms of weight and suspension. I really like the Vulcan in terms of looks and it is good for a cruiser but if it were a 1000cc V-twin with twice the HP, the same weight, triple disc's, adjustable fork and the same looks that would be great. The ZRX was my second choice for a new bike but the FZ won me over with the suspension and lighter weight (the FZ still needs a diet). Something based on the zx9 would make a better standard for those that don't want retro.

Azrifel 05-29-2001 07:43 AM

Re: MO
More competitive new ZX-6R, ZX-9R should be a 1000cc and the ZX-6R engine should be thrown into a bargain light sports naked bike like the Yamaha FZS600, but without the top half.

Make a new 7 or drop it.

Quit Superbikes and build a GP-1 with Fuchs.

Charlie 05-29-2001 07:56 AM

Re: The VFR Killer...
I currently own a VFR800 and love the handling. However even with Heely Bars my 48 year old hands go to sleep if don't hug the tank with my knees at all times. I would buy the FZR1300 in a minute if Yamaha were to bring it to the USA. If Kawasaki were to beat them to it they would get my business. As far as linked braking goes, I love not using the rear brake when braking hard going into corners. (just the oposite of when riding my KTM250EXC where I rear brake slide many corners).

CBR1000F 05-29-2001 08:09 AM

Re: MO
Kawasaki's have been slightly heavier than their competition for quite a while... but they've also seemed to make just a wee bit more power out of the same displacement. I think they should update the Ninjas (all of them) to make them a bit lighter, and make a bit more power... maybe the ZX-9 could be punched out to just under 1000cc's, and an all-new Concours would definitely be appreciated.

El_Flaco 05-29-2001 08:09 AM

Bring the ZXR-400 to the US! A sharpened and updated version of the present model would fill a hole in the market that none of the other manufacturers are presently competing in. (Unless Yamaha decided to resurrect the FZR-400 in the form of an R4, which would be a killer bike! But that's just wishful thinking on my part.)

What would really encourage big K to revise the rest of their models would be the revision of the WSB rules to include four cylinder bikes up to 1000cc. Now Suzuki is even threatening to quit WSB because of this same reason! I think that the Powers That Be will have to change the rules, and sooner than expected, otherwise we could be watching a series without any type of 4 cylinder. Yamaha led the way, Suzuki's threatening, Kawasaki's rumbling about it in their press releases, and the audience is wanting the change as well. It's time! Change the rules for next season to allow liter bikes into the WSB with minimal modifications, much like SuperStock, the World Endurance series, or (they are at a higher state of tune, but similar to the other series) the F-Extreme bikes. That would inject new life into the SBK championship and give Kawasaki a real reason to improve their sportbikes.

CBR1000F 05-29-2001 08:13 AM

Re: The VFR Killer...
Yeah, but you still lose more power to the shaft than you do to the chain.

ZRXRy 05-29-2001 08:16 AM

Re: MO
I hate to say it, but I agree with many of the comments here. I've been a Kawi guy since I was 11 (currently 33), and my last 3 bikes have been Kawis.

Having said that:

Kawi lets some models go far to long without any updates to their features, functionality or style. See Concours (I owned one), Voyager, ZX6, etc.

Kawi lets models go from one year to the next with widely acknowledged shortcomings without doing anything about them. See KLR front brakes, Concours windshield, spotty ZRX1100 motor mount, etc. Then again, so do many other Japanese manufacturers.

Kawasaki consistently uses some materials/parts of questionable quality and/or durability. Valve seats that recede too quickly. Camshafts that pit. Footpeg brackets that snap far too easily.

Their engine designs really aren't cutting edge. The others have engines that are more compact, more powerful, smoother and less maintenance intensive. Most if not all Kawis still seem to want 6,000 or 7,500 mi valve clearance check/adjust intervals. Why not 26,000 mi like new Yamahas or Hondas?

Styling is rather insipid in many cases. C'mon, do something original for once.

What Kawasaki does well is building good bikes for the street, filling niches that no one else is in. At least they bring the ZRX here. Kawasaki seems to have a little better understanding of what riders need out in the real world.

Anyway, unless Kawasaki gets up to speed soon, I expect my next bike purchase will be from another manufacturer. And I'll regret that, because I've developed a familiarity and affinity for Kawi's over the years, but I gotta go with what I like.

CBR1000F 05-29-2001 08:22 AM

Re: W650
Uh... I'm pretty sure it was a copy of the Bonneville.

CBR1000F 05-29-2001 08:26 AM

Re: MO
Don't forget that one of those "useless things", specifically the 600cc "useless thing" is their bread and butter - it's what they sell more of than anything else.

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