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sfcdjevans 07-21-2006 03:53 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
This article had to be written. I'm not saying that I would have bought this, but of course I had just gone out and spent a bundle on gear.

Dangerousdave_2 07-21-2006 06:09 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
1200 bucks for a riding suit? For that it ought to deflect radar detectors and make margaritas.

nesbit 07-21-2006 07:06 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
$1,200.00 ????? Has BMW ever heard of the law of diminishing returns? They crossed that threshold somewhere around $800.00. The rest is all about bragging rights, conspicuous consumption, or just plain foolishness. Sad to say, they'll probably sell every one they make.

The_Boy 07-22-2006 12:01 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit

Geez I will stick with my custom tailored Aerostich thank you very much...

I just hope BMW is not taking a page from Harley's book.

naco_traficante 07-22-2006 01:15 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
Fred forgot to mention that every suit comes equipped with horizontally opposed boxer shorts.

Thruxomatic 07-22-2006 02:19 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
I was really looking forward to this review because I had been honestly considering this suit. My local dealer wouldn't display with a price and have always been too "busy" to help me when I attempt to ask. Now I know why.

I have two Triumph suits, the perforated Raptor for hot weather and the wet-weather Typhoon. Both of them together came in under the cost of this suit *and* left me with change.

Buzglyd 07-22-2006 05:19 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
BMW finally built a suit that's more expensive than skin grafts.

I think I'll stick to shorts and flip flops.

ofreen 07-22-2006 05:36 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
Pigs don't sweat. No sweat glands.

mscuddy 07-22-2006 07:37 AM

Re: Well for that much money..
..I want a rocket assisted "Ejection Suit".

Make mine Martin-Baker.

eojmo 07-22-2006 09:43 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
At that price i'll stick with the shorts and thongs(flip flops) in summer and thow on a plastick rainsuit for winter.

Monterey_BS 07-23-2006 03:58 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
BMW always seens to come up with good solutions to problems we face. This appears to be another. The problem for me is the stuff I wear is unlikely all to wear out simultaneously. Therefore, I'm always looking to solve one part of the puzzle. For a newbie or the independently wealthy this might be the way go, but not for me. BTW, the price, while high, is probably driven more by the sliding dollar-euro exchange rate (~$0.78 at this writing) than gouging by BMW. Thank you Mr. President for your enlightened economic policies!

DaveFla 07-23-2006 12:42 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
Whatever. At 975 Euros ($1250 times your .78 E:dollar ratio), if the exchange rate were 1:1 it'd still be overpriced.

Thanks, but I'll stick with my Roadcrafter until those new technologies are available everywhere.

maxriderdon 07-24-2006 01:23 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
"I just hope BMW is not taking a page from Harley's book."

The difference is here you are actually getting more, not just a name, or buying a lifestyle. LOL

KLRer 07-24-2006 05:17 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
I'd want something that deflected small-arms fire, meteorites and gamma rays for that kind of money. Plus air conditioning--its not getting any cooler out there, people.

ironoxide 07-25-2006 10:02 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
It does matter what it costs. None of the dealers in the Midwest stock BMW wear anyway. They expect you to order it sight unseen. It just doesn't sell in quantities to justify carrying it. That said, we just lost another dealer in Cincinnati. At this rate we'll have a dealer for every 3 States soon. Way to go BMW, that'll increase your market share!

Rob-SV650 07-25-2006 11:25 AM

Arizona heat???
Just one little item to point out:

I know a little about heat, being a Phoenix area resident for the last 8 years and riding every day all year round.

94F in AZ is **NOT** remotely hot. It's quite pleasant, actually. And below 90 is almost chilly. Something about that ultra-low humidity we get here; 100F here is about equivilant to 88F in say, Chicago, as far as perceived discomfort.

So if you want to test gear in AZ heat, you need to pick a day where it's at least over 105F! Anywhere around Phoenix / Tucson / Yuma in AZ during June / July / Aug should work as long as the elevation is not too high. The inland deserts in CA are good too, the Palm Springs area for example is truly hot.....

But until I can see the gear works better than stuff like Joe Rocket's Phoenix and Alter-Ego gear in the 115F AZ summer heat I deal with every day, I'm not gonna be sold on $1200 worth of gear!

tshelver 07-25-2006 01:28 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
As a counterpoint.

I crashed my previous set of gear. When I came to look at replacing it, I'm looking at more than $800, probably closer to $900 (top-line IXS gear).

Problem with Aerostich: add up the accessories that come standard with the BMW (CE armor including backpad, liner, true waterproofing, neck gater and so on) and you'll add substantially to the base price.

And it still doesn't have the XCR Goretex. Which does work: I've had an XCR snowmobile suit for 2 season now, and it works as advertised, venting out moisture very quickly.

As well, Stich suits are very stiff to start with, and are not as waterproof as you'd expect.

My riding typically takes place in temperatures under 94 F, so this would obviate the need for my mesh jacket and pants, another saving.

Finally, you get the pleasure of keeping BMW and their dealers in business. This makes me a lot less happy: if the suit was sold via general distribution channels, the price would be substantially cheaper.

Priced against Dainese (another 'name' brand), the suit isn't that bad either. IIRC, when I was shopping the latest Dainese Goretex jacket, it came in at $675. Add backpad and the neck gator, and it will be bumping up against the $800 mark.

Having worn (and crashed in) some of the more affordable brands out there, I'm more prepared to spend the money to get decent quailty.

Rbacke 07-25-2006 05:32 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
I just bought a leather Jacket for $39. I am sure that is not as cool as the afformentioned Street gaurd but get a grip BMW, yours is too expensive.

Chulu 07-25-2006 06:47 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
I love my 1150 RT and many other items BMW markets, but any article that begins by extoling the fictitious virtures of Gore-tex should instantly be dismissed in its entirety. I climb mountains for a hobby and have sadly learned in dangerous extremes that Gore-tex's claims will get you hurt. The only waterproof, breathable product on this planet is skin. Likewise, the author's suggestion that BMW is an industry leader in clothing technology is laughable. All of these large corporations can publish moden snake oil claims faster than we can disprove them... keep your money in your pocket.

BillyO 07-26-2006 01:41 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
Buy three jackets and a pair of pants. save six hundred smackeroos.

ikonoklass 07-26-2006 04:07 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
I just paid $1100 for Motoport. Cheaper than skin grafts.

joker2 07-26-2006 01:12 PM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
might even come with a heated bra for the ladies!!!

kdurrell 07-31-2006 05:09 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit
In the future when MO tests a suit or other protective gear, the last test should be the "dummy" test. This would be where a department store mannequin, clad in the gear to be tested, would be thrown out of the back of the MO van while said van was going 75mph down the Santa Monica freeway. After being run over by two or three cars and eventally skidding to a stop against a dead possum in the breakdown lane, the damage could be evaulated and reported back to your loyal readers.

Or I suppose you could just rig up a belt sander based abrasion test...

Bradl3y 08-03-2006 08:13 AM

Re: BMW StreetGuard2 Suit

I'm quickly coming to love reading your articles, from "The Shame Among Us" to your gera reviews, your experience in journalism, the readily apparent objectivity coupled with integrity and ethics will keep me renewing for quite some time. Please keep writing. I'm definitely looking forward to checking out this piece of gear.

Kindest Regards,

Ethan Fisher

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