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BMW4VWW 05-10-2006 09:13 AM

Re: Um, Hitler is not a leftist.
Yes anrajala, the National Socialist did allow the select few to profit from their "support for the state" much like the apparatchiks under the Soviet Union lived better than the proletariat. The key phrase that you overlooked was, "a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done". Exactly how long do you think the owner of Farben would have lasted if he had refused on moral grounds to make Zyklon-B? What were the differences between Stalin and Hitler in the ruling of their countries? Which one of them murdered more of their own people? If you bother to take the time and read Orwell's treatise on the state's manipulation of language you will find that calling Stalin a communist is a much larger stretch that calling Hitler a socialist.

anrajala 05-15-2006 07:16 AM

Re: Um, Hitler is not a leftist.
Stalin was a self proclaimed card carrying communist running a communist country with communist economical system. He went on to slaugheter millions suspected of being against the communist cause. Hard to believe someone could be more communist than that.

Still, you can "call the rose by any other name" as much as you wish. But you certainly would flunk any history class from primary school to Ivy League. (Hint: for a reason)

- cruiz-euro

BMW4VWW 05-15-2006 08:38 AM

Re: Um, Hitler is not a leftist.
If you believe that Stalin's Russia was operating under Marx's definition of Communism, I would suggest that your years spent in whatever government run "education factory" that you attended achieved the governmentÂ’s desired results. I find it interesting that you seem to grasp the oxymoronic use of "democratic republic" in the appellations of many dictatorships, and yet fail to discern the differences between communism and the type of government run in the former USSR.

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