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Somnus 05-11-2005 11:22 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
First post. Why? Because I'm grading labs.

I own the KBC TK-8. Solid construction and design, comfy removable liner, perfect fit. Venting is good, and one can always find a no-fog solution by modulating the vents and visor. Can get loud at extra-legal speeds, even with earplugs -- nothing harmful, you just wouldn't be able to hear a comm that well.

bod 05-12-2005 01:51 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Hey what including some flip face helmets in your review I have long been interested in one of those so i can smoke a cig and drink some beer while riding and be like my harley neighbors but yet still have the protection of a full face helmet

mhertz17 05-12-2005 02:39 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
June 2005 issue of Motorcyclist magazine has an extensive article on helmets. They investigate helmet design, helmet standards and actual head protection. The article is very long and detailed and gets into the debate of too-hard helmets. The bottom line appears to be that a less expensive helmet may actually be safer if it is DOT approved. Too long and complex an article to summarize in this post but suggest if you are in the market for a helmet to read this article.

jhinton 05-12-2005 03:17 AM

Motorcycylist Helmet Article
I highly recommend that anyone that rides a motorcycle read this article. As the message above says, the article is way to detailed to cover here. But the basic theme is, that the less G's your brain takes the better. The Snell test requires a helmet to take two huge hits in the same place on a spherical object. To pass the Snell test helmets must designed to be very stiff. This doesn't allow them to crush and absorb energy effectively, therefore passing high G forces to your brain. During the lab testing a $100 DOT only helmet did significantly better than the $500 DOT/Snell helmets. My wife and I will be getting new helmets shortly, and they wonÂ’t be Snell approved.

sportbikebandit 05-12-2005 03:42 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Great article. Too bad I bought my new helmet before reading it. I bought a Shoei RF-1000 to replace my Shoei RF-800. I actually like the fit of the 800 better but my vents are broke and it is more than 5 years old... A friend of mine recently bought an Icon and is real happy with it. The Scorpion looks interesting. Thanks MO Good stuff

longride 05-12-2005 03:53 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Since I read that Motorcycist article, I have a new saying. "If you have a $10 head, buy a $500 helmet." I thought it was very strange that the low buck helmets significantly out performed the expensive ones.

Buzglyd 05-12-2005 04:16 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Do any of these come with a removable foil liner? I need to quiet down the radio commands coming from above.

seruzawa 05-12-2005 04:17 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Motorcyclist did a similar article back in the '80s and came up with the same conclusion. The harder lining in the racing helmets can be less effective at lower speeds, the speeds most people travel at, than the softer DOT style linings. It's simple physics.

Of course, if you are incompetent it won't matter what helmet you wear or even if you wear a helmet at all.

SRMark 05-12-2005 05:28 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
That KBC would have gone well with an '01 KLR. I don't think I would have had the stones to wear it though.

allbikesbiker 05-12-2005 05:45 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
I have the Icon Alliance. (Black gloss finish)

good helmet.

not great.

wind noise is a little higher than the Shoei I had before this.

for the price you can't beat it.

mscuddy 05-12-2005 06:51 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Re the KBC VR1 that's the one for me. Matches my flight jacket.

BTW it's F-4 Phantom, and deck ape ABH types wear brown jerseys. Purple jerseys are worn by ABFs (aviation bosuns mate fuel). Green for maintenance, red for ordinance, white for QA. Pink for pecker checkers (corpsmen). Ha ha..

With all the leaking vehicles in my driveway it already looks like the flight deck on the Indy anyway, where the tow tractors use to park. Can you say speedy dry?

SeanAlexander 05-12-2005 06:55 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Don't you watch South Park? Drinking and riding is dangerous.... you might spill your beer.

Pinkslip 05-12-2005 08:44 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
The KBC VR-2 replaced the VR-1. They fit different heads, though, so I suppose they shouldn't consider it a direct replacement.

It should be noted that most retail locations (and obviously, e-tail locations) do not charge MSRP for the higher end helmets like Arai and Shoei. Even the lower priced KBC are often on discount.

Gabe 05-12-2005 10:11 AM

I just like purple
And it's MY aircraft carrier, so the guy will wear a purple shirt.

pattonme 05-12-2005 10:14 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
I've got the article in color and BW PDF but alas, damn copyright won't let me distribute it. VERY good article though.

sportbike_pilot 05-12-2005 10:15 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Agreed. As with most motorcycle apparel these days MSPR is a fantasy. I paid a little more than half MSRP for the AGV.


skeepee 05-12-2005 11:14 AM

Re: Motorcycylist Helmet Article
Motorcyclist's article also stated that cheaper plastic shells have an edge over fiberglass in that plastic will deform under impact, absorbing and distributing energy in the process.

Chango 05-12-2005 06:30 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
I tried to make the same jump you did - RF800 to RF1000. I didn't much like the 1000. In fact, it was quite painful to wear for more than twnety minutes, so I kept using the 800 for longer trips. I loved my 800, but it was getting old, and one day I left it sitting on the seat of the bike and the wind blew it up and over the seat and it landed on the ground with a nice, loud, sickening crunch.

So after selling the 1000 on eBay, I wanted to try an Arai. The closest dealer to me was 40 miles away, but I'm glad I made the trip. I tried on a Quantum, a Signet, and an Astral, not only to find out which shape fit me, but also to find out which size I needed. Apparently I wear an XL in everything except Shoei, where a large is right. Anyway, after trying the various Arai's, I found the Astral to have the best shape for me. I even like it better than my old RF800. I think the Arai is a little bit quieter, but I'm not certain. I always wear earplugs anyway, so I don't worry about it much.

I guess the point of this is, if you liked the RF800 then you might like the Arai Astral. And you can find them on eBay for about $300 brand new, which is a lot cheaper than any dealership.


edward44 05-13-2005 01:03 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Uh Oh, MO. Bad timing. Your Mickey Mouse (TM) helmet review has to to go head to head with a definitive investigation by Motorcyclist Magazine.

No time for more, I'm off to Manny, Moe, and Jack's for a new helmet.

VFRJunkie 05-13-2005 03:30 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Same problem, RF-800 fit great, RF-1000 pinched my head and gave me a headache after only 5 min. After trying various helments on, found that the Shoei X-11 fits like the RF-800 did. In general a much better helmet then the RF-800, lighter, better ventilation, no head buffeting at speed.

mile_eater 05-13-2005 03:57 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
That VR-1 is cool.. and by cool I mean totally sweet!

sarnali 05-13-2005 05:23 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
I just keep a roll in my saddle bag and make a little skull cap each time I ride. The tinfoil deteriorates after it absorbs enough signals anyway.

A good trick is to super-glue a piece of copper wire around the circumfrence of the helmet even with your temple, that makes the signal break up and helps the tinfoil last longer...

sarnali 05-13-2005 05:38 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Beat me to it airdale, the grapes are the ones you flip cigerettes at

Easy to tell a snipe, OD green cover-alls with FTN stenciled above your name, smelling like Naval Distillate

mscuddy 05-13-2005 06:38 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Yeah, not to mention snipes are about 5 feet tall, so they can fit through those boiler pipes.

edward44 05-13-2005 07:43 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Would you believe MO deleted my post! Can I get a refund?

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar (Score: 0, Dipstick)

by edward44 on Friday, May 13 @ 04:03:26 PDT

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Uh Oh, MO. Bad timing. Your Mickey Mouse (TM) helmet review has to to go head to head with a definitive investigation by Motorcyclist Magazine.

No time for more, I'm off to Manny, Moe, and Jack's for a new helmet.

longride 05-13-2005 09:56 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
You didn't get deleted Eddie, you just got a "0 Dipstick" ranking. All you nrrd to do is adjust the filter at the top. Then you can giggle at your post once again as it shows up.

sportbike_pilot 05-13-2005 10:11 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Sage Longride,

Is this an example of what it means to be "hoisted by your own petard?"


longride 05-13-2005 01:27 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Martin, you always have the right words for the moment, plus you are a feisty SOB lately. I like it!

FrankGrimes 05-13-2005 04:31 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
When to replace helmets?

Most of my experience with helmets is with high end bikes(the kind that cost more than [some]motorcycles) Most manufactures reccomend replacing your helmets every 2 years, or one year. It is because the foam absorbs moisture in the air making unable to absorb as much of an impact.

It would seem that buying a new quality, low-end, non-snell apporved helmet each year would be the safest way to go.

nbyers 05-13-2005 06:21 PM

Helmet Replacement
This is a post generated by frankgrimes, above.

For a long manufacturers have been recommending that you replace your helmet every five years.

Now frankgrimes suggests every TWO years due to the fragile, delicate foam liners. This is a tough device made to absorb impact! If the liners deteriorate that fast, the helmet makers' lawyers would have big warning stickers all over saying "do not use for longer than 24 months" or some such.

C'mon, guys, the helmet manufacturers are in business to sell helmets. What do you think they're gonna say, one helmet and you're set for life? If they could make it stick they'd tell you you need a fresh Arai Signet-priced helmet twice a year!

For my dollar, every five years is probably a good idea if you ride much (say more than 3000 miles/year). In that much riding time your shiny lid is bound to catch a few drops and scrapes, not to mention an occasional musty smell. You don't have to be a metrosexual to think a fresh hat would be due.

schizuki 05-13-2005 06:52 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Agreed. I have GOT to get me one of these!

edward44 05-14-2005 12:11 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Same difference. Sour grapes for criticising their poor efforts. Now lets see how they score this one.

jungkvist 05-14-2005 12:13 AM

So, which one offers the best peripheral vision?
I donÂ’t understand why peripheral vision wasnÂ’t mentioned in the piece. IMHO, of all the drawbacks of wearing a full-face helmet, poor PV is the worst. Considering how lousy sport-bike mirrors are, IÂ’d think it would have been appropriate to discuss it in the article. After all, avoiding an accident should be everyone's first priority - and that has everything to do with vision.

longride 05-14-2005 01:14 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Not really the same. The MO guys don't rate your post. It is rated by the MO denizens at large. Obviously, some weren't too impressed.

edward44 05-14-2005 03:39 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Ooooooo. I never paid any attention to that business. But looks likes I was rated by the usual sycophants.

sportbike_pilot 05-14-2005 06:16 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
You don't know who downrated your post since comments may be moderated by any paid subscriber. So your post above may be taken as a slam against the entire MO community.

In the instance of the comment to which this reply is directed you are going to know who moderated it down because it's going to be me as soon as I finish this comment. But I am also going to do you you the considerable service, the only time I have ever done this on this site, of telling you that you are an absolute dope (since you obviously don't know). The bad news, amigo, is that when one looks up idiot in the encyclopedia it is you that they see waving at them.

You don't like our helmet sub-feature, fine. It was not meant to be any kind of ground breaking piece on helmets. Just a cobbled together description of some helmets we'd acquired around MO in the pervious months we thought our readers would be interested in. We happen to be fans and frends of Mitch and Motorcyclist especially when they do great work like this. We sent a congratulatory letter when we saw the article to which you originally referred. It is indisputably a wonderful and important piece of journalism and I imagine it took a fight to even get it into print. Massive respect to the MC crew.

But, I digress - you, edward44, have flamed everyone here without demonstrating either the a basic grasp of how this forum works, the manners to express your opinions politely, a command of language that would at least make your comments interesting to read, or even a sense of humor which it always the get out of jail card around here. I do see that you have access to a dictionary though. All of which leads me to believe that you are likely bored, frustrated at your lack of ability to cope with your surroundings, and in an unhappy place with time on your hands.

So how is Angola, pardner?


dylanmo 05-14-2005 07:04 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
You must not pay attention to anything but yourself, since the Motorcyclist article was mentioned about six times (and described glowingly, too) before you chimed in. I'm wondering why you brought up that article as if you had something new to say. Except for the jackassery, that is.

FrankGrimes 05-14-2005 07:56 AM

Re: Helmet Replacement
I was mostly reffering to bicycle helmets, which are much lighter, have less foam and don't have a heavy shell. I believe I phrase my post poorly, as I was wondering if t here have been any test for motorcycle helmets.

Another note, you can get a quality bicycle helmet for less than $50. Perhaps there is something to that.

Gabe 05-14-2005 08:52 AM

Good Point!
That is something we should pay attention to. However, since all modern helmets have a face-opening several degrees wider than the average human field of vision, we don't make a note of peripheral vision unless there's a deficit. None of our testers reported any problems, so I guess we didn't say anything because it wasn't an issue!

I know in the bad old days of those weird Medival Times Bell helmets with the tiny vision slit, that was an issue. I haven't had this issue wth a full-face helmet ever. Maybe we're just used to full-face helmets, and compensate by turning our heads a bit. I've never heard of an accident being caused because the motorcyclist had restricted vision due to a full-face helmet. I imagine vision wuld be even more impeded by goggles or tearing caused by wearing sunglasses and nothing else (in front of your eyes, Sean!)at 70 mph.

Thanks for your comment and for reading MO.

edward44 05-14-2005 09:56 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
A lot of words to waste on an idiot. I find the ability to rate anothers post anonymously repugnant but just this once I'll rate yours: a -1. God that was so much fun!

Like I said, Mickey Mouse.

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