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sportbike_pilot 05-14-2005 11:06 AM

Re: So, which one offers the best peripheral vision?
Great question. I second Gabe's op that it's mostly because it's been a non-issue for most of us for a long time. But just to be sure after I read your post I went for a short ride with each helmet I reported on (EXO-700, AGV) looking for peripheral vision issues and I am happy to report that there were none. On the AGV I could barely see the tear-off posts unless I was really trying hard.

Distortion is more of an issue for me and I am very happy to report, as mentioned in the story, that both lenses are absolutely distortion free.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes.


sportbike_pilot 05-14-2005 12:08 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Moi? Feisty? Only Lately? Perish the thought.

Finals week here - does that explain anything?


jungkvist 05-14-2005 01:21 PM

Re: So, which one offers the best peripheral vision?
You guys are probably right, and peripheral vision is surely good on all of the models you tested. After going out and checking today, I found that my problem isn't so much with peripheral vision as it is with getting my head in a good position to look over my shoulder, when entering a roadway at an angle - while riding my VFR. Okay, so I got no neck and my helmet hits the collar of my leather jacket - mesomorphs have needs, too...ya know!

But, besides that, I do have an unusually wide-range of peripheral vision, which I've tended to depend on for 51 years (yes, it's true, there may be some amphibian in my DNA). So, for some of us, including PV and helmet obstruction infomation might help...Or I could get off my butt and put Hel-iBars on my bike.

KTY :-)

sportbike_pilot 05-15-2005 07:02 AM

Re: So, which one offers the best peripheral vision?
You bring up an interesting issue - that of rear visibility on many motorcycles. Nearly everyone experiences it and unfortunately it's not uncommon that the cause is percieved to be helmets when the real issues, IMO, are small mirrors and difficulity in looking over one's shoulder while riding in a straight line in traffic. Go to a parking lot sometime, take your helmet off and see if it's really any easier to see over your shoulder. I'm betting if it is it's not by a lot.

For the most part the mirrors on modern sportbikes vary between less than great and totally useless. They are too small, have narrow fields of view, and are mounted too close to the center of most bikes. Mirrors are one of the items that we usually report on when we test bikes for just this reason. In my view anyway this is not an inconsequential feature.

I've learned to cope by rotating my entire upper body when I take a quick look over my shoulder. It took some practice to learn to do this without steering the bike inappropriately, but I can do it now, even in traffic. without thinking about it. I don't like not looking ahead any longer than I have to but getting run down from behind ain't so great either. It's just another part of my "scan" when I'm in traffic.

Bring on the CCD rearview!


viper3256 05-16-2005 07:17 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
After reading this review, I will be getting a Scorpion Exo-400 for myself. I have not had any other helmets other that Dot/Snell HJC's.

I hear alot of crap for have a cheap helmet, but I go through helmets to dawm fast! And one of my HJC helmets got drop tested from 60mph straihgt to the pavement. I got hit and that helmet saved my life.


Geriatricbandit 05-16-2005 07:31 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Every helmet manufacturer says to replace your helmet after five years, and has an elaborate explanation for why this is so. I would like the MO editors to take my perfectly cared for seven year old Arai Quantum/e and subject it to the current DOT or Snell testing procedure to see if in fact a helmet's protective capacity is impaired over time. Of course, then you'd have to give me a new helmet, but I'm tired of hearing helmet makers promote the five year rule without solid evidence other than legal issues and pure greed. Editors?

sportbike_pilot 05-16-2005 08:32 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
We have the same question and a test is in the works. Stay tuned and thanks.


wwalkersd 05-16-2005 05:59 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Any thoughts on effectiveness of venting for different bike types? I find that my Signet GT's vents are very effective, _if_ I tilt my head forward to the attitude it would be at on a sport bike. On my sit-up-and-beg bikes (V-Strom and BMW RT), this is less than optimal. I suppose it's too much to ask manufacturers to vary their designs for this parameter, though. Maybe the more touring-oriented flip-up helmets address this.

lwatcdr 05-17-2005 10:27 AM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Your helmet my be just fine. Suggestions like that are going to be worst case or at best a good average. I have no idea where your at but how do thinks like humidity or temp affect it?

theDuke 05-19-2005 06:30 PM

Re: Spring Helmet Bazaar
Whenever I've bought helmets in the past, they always felt comfortable in the showroom but after 20-30 minutes on the bike my head would throb from hot spots, particularly on my forehead.

Last year I picked up an Arai Quantum after reading about their different head shapes and I have to say that it's a revelation.

I like everything about this helmet except the face shield design. It is an abomination. On my old Nolan and Shoei lids, I could easily remove the shield for cleaning or just swap it out in seconds for a tinted shield. The Arai is nearly impossible to take on and off. They actually make a big deal about their easy on and off design, but to me it feels fragile and really hard to get on correctly. Replacement shields also cost about twice as much as for competing helmets. Probably because customers keep breaking them trying to get them back on. Am I missing something here? Is there some trick to this that they fail to mention in their instruction booklet?

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