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955ioldude 09-06-2004 08:48 AM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
Okay, just bought my 2004 955i yesterday, 300 miles so far of twisty stuff out here in Arizona has me convinced my old 98 Sprint Sport was actualy a well disguised steam roller by comparison. You gotta appreciate that, it was a fine ride for me for 27k miles, but this thing feels a rocket powered scalpel by comparison.

I liked the test, it was real word butt stuff, out here were we live and ride. From the seat of my way way into the forties butt with over 35 years of it on two wheels... it is what counts.

Just one question and a few comments: From the looks of the plastic on your 955i test bike, it looks like the 03 model.

Add the Triumph high level carbon pipe and their most aggresive ECM software and whoa, its awake!

I agree with the comments during the test..

Hey! if you gotta listen to her everyday and ride her only and you can have only one, then a pretty red dress and a pleasant voice is better to live any day for the long run than a hiper spitfire loose in the kitchen... and I love Triumph`s individual attitude.

The top contenders here obviously demand a very high level of riding skill, they kind of remind me of the old on and off only rocket power of the late 70`s Porsche 930 turbos... or maybe a Kawi H3..

In other words, to the less experienced "I`m really gonna hurt ya if you screw up."

For my money the Triumph was by far the best bang for the buck at $8999.00 plus another $500.00 off the top in incentives. It will do everything I want and I won`t see myself at every other stop sign. The absolute dependability of my 98 Triumph Sprint was also influenced my decision "at my age I never though I would ever say this or see the day" ! Triumph and dependable in the same sentence?

Great work, can I goes wiff you guys next time?

The problem is, now my brain is 22 years old again on this bike... oh well, cool.

Dreadstar 09-09-2004 09:16 PM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
After reading the "2004 Open Class Shootout" my vote is for a bike not yet built , but should be. The '04 R1 , this bike is even more beautiful "Stripped" (ie without fairing )

It's just screaming for a "Bikini" ( fairing ) to show off that gourgeous engine and chassis.


Your "Supermodel" showed her ( '04 R1 ) "Stunning Looks" in the evening gown contest , proved her ability in the talent

( Performance ) contest . Now we all want to see her ( '04 R1 ) in the bikini ( Fairing ) contest.

This is right on the " Pulse " of the market that is ready to increase by the "Thousands " , with all the street fighter bikes being built around the world . Not to mention the sport

" Enthusiasts " like myself .

Sportbikes are great but after riding for a few hours going to the chiropracter just to walk upright again is not much fun. Now a '04 R1 with FZ1 type bars and fairing ( with R1 lines of course ) is the perfect alternative. Of course I understand you would need to take the standard 10-15 hp off the top and add 5-10 ft lbs of torque peaking about 1000 rpms lower than the R1 and drop the gear ratio's about 10-20 percent(Limit speed to 155?) ,this is fine , as long as the rest comes through "Untouched" .

My first "High Performance Motorcycle " was a YAMAHA in fact it was in 1973 a YZ80 at the time it was the highest performing motorcycle in it's class and I loved it .

I know you are launching new models at this time (sept. '04) and this might have to wait . However I am very confident that if you "Mocked Up" an example of the Motorcycle described here and were to put it to a vote you would recieve "Thousands of "YES BUILD IT" replies.

We all know there is a market for "Big V-Twins" and not to take away from it , but there are just as many if not more of us waiting for a "Super Naked Bike". This motorcycle would be the highest performing mass produced "Super Naked" in the world.

So how about it YAMAHA ? Back in 2001 a "Naked bike that performed 7/10s of a "Superbike" was a

viable alternative . Now (2004 ) , 7/10s is not really up to the task of fullfilling the needs of true "Sport Enthusiasts we are looking for at least 9/10s the perfomance without the committed riding position that "Superbikes" demand .

Thank you for time

Sincerely, A Future Customer

So what do you think fellow MOrons? check out the "Naked" chassis pictures and see what I mean about the clean motor etc. of the R1 as compared to the other "Open Class Bikes " a few wires and cables rerouted and it will look excellent. Just removing the fairing it still looks cleaner than most "Nakeds" that were designed that way ! Not all of us just want "Torque " besides it makes more than enough already imagine gearing it down 10-20 percent.

(I think I origanally posted this in the wrong place oops!)

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