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camfarm 04-30-2004 10:35 AM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
Nice overall MO. First the Mid Standards, now the open class supers. Definitely my money's worth of motorcycle information.

Steven_Verschoor 04-30-2004 11:13 AM

Well, I'm just doing this for fun now, so here goes...

Okay Professor, your grammar seems decent, but your logic is a little rusty. Let's just recall your own words. Shall we? You said...</p>

  1. "It was raining here, and JAC and I wanted to see if we could start some crap on the boards.
    We did, and it was fun."</p>

  2. "On several occasions I've refered to mysef as a jerk here. I can't imagine why you would take anything I say overly seriously at all."</p>

Sorry, Professor, you can't have it both ways. You can't troll for a response, then when you get one say, "Oh, you're not supposed to take me seriuosly." See, contradictory assertions. Faulty logic.</p>

Now for the bulletin board: you said...</p>

"Anyone who gets upset about a bulletin board has issues man."


In other words, no one is supposed to take a bulletin board seriously.
But we're not talking about just any bulletin board, are we?. We're talking about this bulletin board!</p>

So no one is supposed to take this bulletin board seriously. Did you tell Sean yet?</p>

staff 04-30-2004 11:13 AM

Cool Buells
Speaking of Cool Buells,

Fonzie and I fired-up the racebikes and rode them around the neighborhood coupla daz ago. I'm thinking it might be time to take them to Streets of Willow. You interested in attending?

ewok1 04-30-2004 11:39 AM

Re: that's it then
I did and immediately checked hell for signs of frost.

ewok1 04-30-2004 12:11 PM

Re: that's it then
The tests are for the readers amusement only it seems to me. If the testers liked the Honda the best, then it must work ok. Will I be fast on it? maybe.

Match the people to your own quirks, pay yur moneys and takes yur chances.

But the Honda is heavy. It takes HRC to make it a racebike and even then it has to hussle to take second. How does it do in ama superstock? wait a second let me look. Well in superstock, the class we all ought to look at imo if we want the baddest of the bad litre bikes, we have 1, count em, 1 cbr. and it was sitting far back in the pack. I doubt its a coincidence. So as a privateer if I was anywhere close to being good enought to race a real litre bike instead of my ancient 900ss, I wouldn't buy a CBR. But I'd be glad to wobble around the track on one if they gave it to me. If you want me to get to the point, i don't blame ya. Here it is. I think you look at superstock results to determine the fastest bike around the track. If you want the best track bike of the bunch, buy the superstock winner.

As for me and my house, give me a bike I can handle that starts when I go to the garage and doesn't cost me a grand (gas and oil excluded) a year to keep on the road and I'm apickin and agrinnin.

johnnyb 04-30-2004 12:12 PM

Re: Cool Buells
i might be interested in bringing out SRX in anitcipation of big CORSA MOTOCLASSICA! but i probly won't get off my butt. i have ridden old Buells around track and, i, ahh, rather ride srx i think... where did mrs buttereworth go? i waiting for next assault...

ewok1 04-30-2004 12:22 PM

Re: This is the best open class comparo I've seen, now you guys have forced me to bu
You didn't ask for my opinion, but here it is anyway. i really wanted to own a modern triumph. I had other bikes so i looked for a trumpet that fit a niche not filled. Turned out the speed3 was the bike. I bought a new 01. I read a pile of great reviews. I knew I liked the motor.

I hated the speed3. It was a slow turning, sluggish, and heavy p.o.s. with barely adequate brakes imo. I traded it for a sprint rs, which was oddly a bike better suited for me. i still didn't like it, so I rode it to Canada and traded it. Why Canada? Because Triumph's resale values suck in the Northwest U.S.

I think, but I am not positive that the Daytona and the speed3 share almost everything. Just thought you would like a slightly different view. So you know how to compare I now own a zx7r a gsxr600 a 900ss sp and a ktm adventure 950 with an rc51 being rebuilt from a recent unfortunate (and wholly unavoidable ;-) ) crash. I would not trade any of them for a speed3.

kowalke67 04-30-2004 03:03 PM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
Good review. To bad about the two bikes.

It was nice to have a liter bike comparison that included the Daytona even though it didn't stand a chance on the track against the Japanese bikes. It was still nice to see what it could do and what the advantages of owning it may be.

After reading the "that's it then" thread and some other posts I was compelled to give my 2 cents (which will has a real world value of something less than 1 cent). It reminds me how people put to much weight on the bike declared winner. Really the end rankings are almost irrelevant, especially with the quality of today's bikes. If the final ranking was that important then we could all just read the last two lines of every mag's liter bike comparo, tally up which bike got the most votes, and go buy it. It's the details of each bike that come out in a comparo that's most important. Find out the personality of each bike and see which ones a fit for your specific passions and riding needs. How else can you explain the Daytona coming in last in overall performance but being the bike some top riders would choose for the real world. It's details like that which makes it worth reading the comparo's and getting the most out of them.

HappyBus 04-30-2004 03:08 PM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout/pulled in
This is the story that made me cough up my $11.94. Now I see what I was missing. Mpeg videos, tons of pics, and a well-rounded review to boot. Why, why was I so darn cheap before today? I may have to toss my whitewash US motorcycling magazine subscriptions, order print media from across the pond only and rely on MO for my U.S. moto fix.

mile_eater 05-01-2004 10:42 AM

Re: Well, I'm just doing this for fun now, so here goes...
It's not wonder Universities all over America have given up trying to teach critical thinking.

Talk about an excersize in futility...

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