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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

I s'pose its all according to how much your head is worth to you. In those professions that don't require too many gray cells to rub together, like motojournalist and bureaucrat, it doesn't matter. I always do wear a lid, but its primarily because "she who must be obeyed" cuts me off for a spell out of spite if she catches me riding without one. Besides, I've worn one so long, I just ain't comfortable without one.
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

Great article!!!

The so called "freedom" as often used by the lobbyists is a cover up for their belief that wearing a helmet will slow down the sale of motorcycles because people do not want to be bothered with the "hassle" of wearing one and the cost of buying one. Haven't we heard the same argument and seen the strategy before. Why ban smoking--it is our freedom to smoke and get cancer. Why force me to wear seat belt, Why force me to get a driver license, ... The govenment is giving the rich a tax cut in the name of giving money back to the "people," whereas the money can be better to improve our road, education, care for our aging parents and young children. Why are we so stupid!?
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