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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

Helmet laws are nothing less than the publics' way of persecuting all the evil, mean, daughter-stealing, hell-raising, grandma-scaring bikers who've just plain pissed-off John Q. Public for the last 50 years. Can you spell retribution?

Anything can be justified in the name of safety, and as Ben Franklin said - Anyone who gives up liberty in the name of security deserves neither. Helmet laws are only the beginning - guaranteed.
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Default Re: John Burns: an exercise in contradiction

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Amen, brother.

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Default Re: John Burns: an exercise in contradiction

Amen Mr. Bueller.
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

I don't care if it's required or not, I always wear a helmet. And I'm glad its the law. Why? My best friend from College (years ago) took off one day on his bike without a helmet (it wasn't the law back then)... I haven't had a coherent conversation with him since then. Earlier this year I was rear-ended while on a local errand and I would be a slobbering demented fool or dead if it weren't for my helmet...

It's a good law and I'm glad it's on the books. If that makes me a socialist or whatever the bull***** label, too damn bad. Yeah I see guys out there with no helmet or some little cupcake thing on there heads, and the first thought that comes to mind? "Stupid"...

When I see a kid out there on a bicycle (they're required to wear helmets too around here) I'm glad to say something like "cool helmet..." and point to my helmet too, "I always wear mine when I'm out biking..." maybe I'll save some kid's life that way...
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Default Re: Helmet Laws

Come now, there's no need to be condescending. (Maybe you weren't. I can't tell.)

What if you could influence how your tax dollars were spent? All of that hard-earned money that's taken from you, wouldn't you like to have more say in how it's put to use?

Advocating helmet laws is no different. If we, society, have to pay for the consequences of helmetless accidents, we will naturally want some say in return for parting with our money.

Now if only taxes worked that way.

Personally, I think I side with JB: I wish people would just wear the damn things, so we wouldn't have to have overreaching laws.
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

Using political power is a two-edged sword. When you allow the governemt to exceed its defined scope to achieve something you want you can bet the farm that that government will use that authority against you as well the first chance it gets.

The same arguments used to justify helmet laws, "the public good" are the exact arguments used to send the Jews to the death camps, to murder 20 million Ukrainians and to slaughter 1/3 of the population of Cambodia. Hyperbole perhaps, but still true.

If you don't fight for your freedom, you will lose it. The normal lot of mankind throughout history until just a few decades ago is slavery , feudalism, arbtrary justice, torture and death at the whim of the King or the Lord of the Manor. Any society has those who would love to return to that system. These days the watchwords of tyranny aren't "Juden" or "Comrade" they are "Evil SUV" and "Protect the Environment". Not that the environment shouldn't be protected, but because the envirowacks demand that every solution to pollution be a destruction of individual freedom.

And if you think it can't happen here you aren't paying attention to the recent developements since 9-11. The Feds have eliminated the restrictions against the use of the military as internal police. The Pres. can name anyone an "enemy combatant" at whim and such labelling removes all your constitutional rights. How many here want to join Ashcroft Brown Shirts?

So, continue sleepwalking. Join the smoking-nazis, the enviro-nazis and the rest. But don't expect anyone else to stand up for you when they ban your dangerous motorcycle "for the public good".
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

Helmets or loud pipes are a sure fire way to stir up debate on any website. They are issues that the anti's use to divide (and eventually conquer) riders and our cause. I live in a state without helmet laws(NH) but always wear a full-face helmet. I also wear proper pants, armor, boots and earplugs which makes me sort of a nerd to most folks.

I wear this stuff for two main reasons. 1. I want to watch my grandchildren learn to ride someday. 2. Having put 50% of my riding time on dirtbikes, I've fallen enough to know it is not pleasant.

I am absolutely convinced that falls I've taken on the dirt would have killed or maimed the average person if taken on the street without protective gear.

Of couse every person is responsible for their own body and if it fails for any reason they are 100% responsible for fixing it. None of us should be extorted (taxed) into paying for others misfortune or stupidity. Go helmetless, smoke, drink, or do whatever you like with your body, it is still a free country(certain states excluded). But don't expect me to pay for your consequences.

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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

John, You remind me of my 70 year old father preaching the dangers of motorcycling to me while puffing on a Winston. I would bet that treating smoking related illnesses costs our society much more than helmet less riders do. I were a helmet all of the time but I do not want any level of government making me put it on. I do not think the government should be able tell you and my Dad that you cannot smoke. I do think laws "protecting" those under 21 (possibly too young and ignorant to know any better) are a good idea. To paraphrase Pursig - We do not need any more social programs or regulations , we just need individuals making quality decisions.

P.S. As a 43 year old trapped in a 25 year old body (from the neck down that is) the full coverage helmet does provide some stealthy benefits. I never get those looks while waiting for a light when I'm in my car.
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

John, you're absolutely right. The AMA has its head totally stuffed on this issue, and at the same time wonders why it has trouble getting legislative support for other, more legitimate issues on its agenda. Duh!

Not wearing a helmet is stupid, and it's regrettable that the AMA can't see that. Motorcycling will never get the respect it deserves as a sport or form of recreation as long as its key representative organization persists in prioritizing its efforts in such nonsensical directions.
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

Are you for real ? Retribution ? And helmet laws are the first step to loss of liberty ?

Sheesh. I'm sure you complain just as vociferously about all the other 1.7 million "laws" which curb our liberty. Do you wear your seatbelt in your car ? Whoa there fella ! You're throwing away your freedoms. I'm sure you'll make sure your kids are also jumping around the front seat of the car without seatbelts, lest they contribute to the opression by our government.

When I put on my helmet, I certainly don't feel like I'm being opressed by the public. I do, however, feel like I have a much better chance at surviving a crash without major head trauma.

Guarantee me that I won't in some way contribute financially to rescuing a guy who's turned his brain into mush due to lack of helmet use, and I'll never say another word about helmet laws.

All you people who scream loudest about the infringement on your liberties - just admit it: You want to look cool while riding around helmet-less. Deny it all you will......

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