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zx-6r_maniac 04-28-2002 01:45 PM

gotta love those street savvy columns...
they are as useless as you can get...long live burnsie...death to sport rider magazine too...i hate that arrogant jap. kent, schment

crg 04-28-2002 03:35 PM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
Nice article, it's good to see you haven't lost the work ethic now that you're an internet journo (Re: The Buell Firebolt cover issue of MC which you pretty much wrote). A few more pics wouldn't hurt though. With subjects like that, it should be hard not to over do it.

MO: How about allowing an opt-in/ -out for the profanity filter. Civilized discourse aside...

msawyer 04-28-2002 05:01 PM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
Generally I love this site and spend lots of time enjoying the fine content. But this time I've must complain with not the best article on Vtwins (very important to me). Gotta admit, your really getting astray with the creative writing and whining. You do have a lot more space that in a magazine col, but lets not waste it. Sometimes the creative bent adds to the color of what we all enjoy; sometime it distracts. I would personnally rather hear more about the way a growling twin make you feel. Which one has the best personality and soul. I use your input to shape my buying decisions, as I can affort to buy one of each to find out. Please try to keep a real world perspective that most of us weekend warriors and commuters can make the most off.


polishnightmare 04-28-2002 05:05 PM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
Good start to the article, but seemed to gloss over alot of things. Need more details. Where is the stats on the bikes. Like one reader said wet is something that is very useful. Also no dyno charts. I also agree with a previous reader would be willing to wait a little extra for a better article.

The_Aerodynamic_Head 04-28-2002 05:55 PM

You Jerks!

You said this was a TWINS shhotout. You didn't say it was a "sharp-edged, near-homologation, butt-numbing rack twins shootout".

I want the Beemer R1150RT retroactively included into the test right now, or...or, I'm gonna cry. And the GS500E. Everythng you MO guys do is bad and wrong...and don't bother trying to fix it, cuz that just makes it badder and wrongerer.

But seriously folks (hey, don't go changin'!), what about telling us how that nice Goose you just reviewed would fare? (It *is* the street portion.)

Or the Le Mans that's available to the plebians? Hey, it's an air-cooled, push-rod twin Italian bike with a French name....What could be more American that that?!

It used to be that Ducs were somewhat in rare. But here in the North Georgia mountains, it's Gixxer Thou, R1, R1, Gixxer, the occasional CBR, Duc, Duc, but no Goose. I hear that Guzzi is doing MUCH better now that Aprilia is their Daddy, and I like the looks, and I wonder if you guys can reccomend them in good conscience for a casual weekend rider/occasional commuter.

Keep up good work. I like the de facto norm that stats are now left to the stats section at the end of the article, rather than used as literary filler. And as Nature abhores a vacuum, I like that the body of the writing includes less hairbrained attempt at (nigh impossible) objective analysis, and gets on with the important work letting me see the bikes through your eyes, which is what I pay you for. Thanks.

rmiller 04-28-2002 06:05 PM

Re: gotta love those street savvy columns...
Well, everyone has an opinion I guess. And while we're on the subject of expressing them...

Not unusual I suppose that a pre-pubescent 600 wanker sees fit to dis Kent and the Sport Rider staff. I love smoking you arrogant middleweight children with my sport/touring VFR. Can always tell your type; those with the 1 inch bands of unused rubber along the edges of their tires and silly know it all attitudes. Nice that you were able to throw in a dollop of racial intolerance as well.

Have a nice day. I'll tell Kent you said hi.

The_Aerodynamic_Head 04-28-2002 06:18 PM

Didn't some Eye-Tale-Yen concern recently market their bikes to the U.S. of A.? Have you ever heard of the *RAPTOR*?!?!?

The Baby bike got the SV motor, and Papa Bike got the TL engine. Great Sooz twin motors, and really great Italian frames/chassis, and if your don't mind paying 4-8k more for the twin, are supposed to be quite good. And Suzuki is apparently making out like a Bandit (HA!!) just selling the motors.

But really, that "TL engine with a better chassis" idea you had was really great...especially three years ago when the Italians came up with it.

Huss 04-28-2002 09:26 PM

Beg to differ
Not so. I replaced my stock Tl1000s rear suspension with an Ohlins unit. Fits great, transforms the bike.

Huss 04-28-2002 09:38 PM

Re: You Jerks!
Yes! Yes! How about the Lemons? I mean LeMans. I need to know if it really is lacking in cornering clearance for the street (not track), and how the suspension copes with bumpy roads. I contacted the distributor about the Ghezzi and Brian, but I need to think about that some more seeing that it is $16500 and limited availabilty/choice of colours. Re. the LeMans, I just love the idea of simple, low maintenance, shaft drive, sporty feel with Italian style.

Probuzz 04-29-2002 01:03 AM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
i just want you guys to know that your expert testing and reporting is gonna force me into another costly purchase,i have been salivating like a dog looking at a steak reading about these fine twins,and i do believe when i saw the mille-r in the showroom,i detected just a bit of personal arousal in my nether regions.might be time to part ways with my well used and beloved 93 rr900,and step up to the world of the modern twin.please include more some commentary regarding the long lasting value of a r model,and i will be running off to the dealer to indebit myself once again . just when i thought i would slow down enough not to need another crotch rocket,they keep making them better n better,damn ,thought i would have grown outta these things by the time i hit 40,n get a nice slugslow cruiser to putt around on.guess not.oh well,better to regret something ya have done than something ya haven't

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