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granny 05-02-2002 01:09 PM

It's not a pointless comparison - Re: my pointless bicycle/motorcycle comparison
I suspect that the pain in your knees is a consequence of your leathers, jeans, chaps, whatever being too short in the thighs. My leathers are a bit short in the thighs and I'll sometimes get knee pains after a couple of hours but my aerostitch which is sized larger in thigh length never cause me knee pain.

The ability to move ones hands on a bicycles handlebars is certainly an advantage though I can move my hands on my 916's bars. However, more importantly, to ride hundreds of miles on a bicycle, one has to be limber and needs adequate back and abdominal musculature to help support ones torso. I believe that road cycling also strengthens ones wrists and shoulders in a way which helps in stop and go traffic when motorcycling.

These things make a bicycle riding very good cross training for riding sport bikes. In any event, it's not reasonable to think that one can ride a motorcycle well if one is not in good shape. Check out the articles in Road Racing world concerning racing preparation, considerable emphasis is placed on fitness...

Troy Bayliss (whose opinion has at least some merit) is a road cyclist and rides centuries etc. He has stated in interviews that bicycling is good cross training. I think he's correct in that view. Bicycles won't put up with heavy handed cornering technique. Try training on rollers, not only will it improve ones cycling, it really helps one learn to hold a tight line.

SmuttMoore 05-02-2002 01:50 PM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
Pretty disappointed on this one, fellas. Where's the Compare and Contrast in this "comparison"? This is an outburst of JB's neurotic mentality (albeit an extremely entertaining neurotism). I want to know how they are different so that I can say to myself, "Myself, I need to buy this one!" At the very least, I need to be able to browbeat the salesman at the dealer of the bike I have already chosen by quoting JB on faults of the piece of sh*t I am "casually interested" in buying (don't mind the drool I keep sucking back into my piehole). As it is, I'm not getting anything more than a commentary on twins and how bad it sucks to be a cyclo-journalist - BTW, I believe it sucks because Hef was just over at my pad and told me how lonely and bored he is at the Mansion. Ahhhhhh...bullsh*t. Be cool, and get back to the "mainline" comparos!

bip 05-23-2002 09:52 PM

Re: gotta love those street savvy columns...
by the way, i own a vfr

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