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bigdx 05-24-2006 04:01 PM

Re: Not surprised
No, the most impact I make is up your wife's ******* ... all I need is a condom. That I really do need cos she is the dirtiest ***** I have ever had.

bigdx 05-24-2006 04:03 PM

Re: to helmet or not?
Yeah, your mother ... up the ass ... twice.

bigdx 05-24-2006 04:05 PM

Re: to helmet or not?
So you plan to wreck? Mmm, yeah, I guess you do ...

bigdx 05-24-2006 04:11 PM

Re: 'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.
How about car driver having to pay for an individual stupid enough to ride a motorcycle? Especially some dumb ******* who speeds on mountain roads on his "s" model (aka sissy) bike ...

Unfair no?

mn0024 05-24-2006 04:12 PM

Re: 'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.
You obviously don't understand high performance motorcycles. You don't have to go fast to enjoy the benefits of a modern sportbike. They handle better, stop better, and accelerate better at all speeds. If you really want to ride a truly dangerous motorcycle, go ride a Harley. I would welcome the chance to compare my 999 in terms of braking distance or collision avoidance with any cruiser American or metric.

I had a friendly exchange recently with Bigdx about something similar on another thread. I mentioned that my bike is extremely fast in the mountians here in Oregon. He immediately, and wrongly, assumed that it meant that I was speeding all the time.

My favorite mountain road here is a very twisty two lane strip of blacktop. The speed limit is not posted so by state law it is 55mph. I don't think Rossi on his M1 could hit 55 on this particular strip of blacktop. There are literally no stretches of straight pavement. It's about 15 miles long and it's also a lot of work to ride it fast, and that's on a Ducati. I'd love to see someone try to keep up on a cruiser.

bigdx 05-24-2006 04:13 PM

Re: 'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.
Yep, if folks want to be safe, don't ride a motorcycle ...

BrowningBAR 05-24-2006 04:21 PM

Re: Not surprised
...hey, I didn't know we could use "*******" without being censored?!

Neal 05-24-2006 04:27 PM

Re: 'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid. i guess you are for making motorcycle racing illegal too......look at all the ex racers in wheel chairs(wayne rainey/david Bailey/ Tony DiStefano etc).

mn0024 05-24-2006 04:30 PM

Re: 'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.
I never said there should be a law against doing anything especially mountian climbing, since I go back country skiing about 20 time per year. That requires a fair amount of climbing since there are no chair lifts, in case you didn't know.

My point was, when people do dangerous things they should be prepared to live with and pay for the consequences. Everytime I go up to Mt. Rainer to climb and ski, I know the risks. I'm also onboard with the personal responsibility part of it that says I have to pay if I need to be rescued.

Further, you state that there are no statistical studies that support my point of view. So you must be acutely aware of every statistical analysis done on the subject. I find that hard to believe. I'm also curious about you data that supports the notion that riders are more likely to be killed if not wearing a helmet. While that may or may not be the case, it's entirely irrelevant. If the rider dies, then they are not a candidate for the scenerio I'm concerned with. I'm fairly confident that serious, non-life threatening head injuries is far more common to the non helmet wearing crowd.

mn0024 05-24-2006 04:40 PM

Re: 'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.
I don't recall that it cost me anything personally for any of the guys you mentioned to get injured. If they have problems from racing professionally, I guess that would be more of a workmans comp issue. I also highly doubt that any of their crashes affected my insurance premiums.

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