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TheBob 07-17-2003 03:00 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
OMG! First Post...

Sure under 24 yr old males may be more crash-prone, but if a young male had plowed his vehicle through a crowded market, do you think there would be any leniency in his treatment by the police and general public? I think not. Involuntary manslaughter or some such charge would definately be brought against him.

Why do the elderly get special treatment? The way I see it, taking control of a vehicle is accepting the responsibilities of your actions. If you have a history of epilepsy, have vision imparements--or you find yourself crashing into the back of your garage (like the 86yr old) you can't take the stance that killing someone with your vehicle was NOT your fault. Ooops, sorry Mrs. Doe I didn't mean to kill your daughter, I'm just old.

Why are so many problems in todays society related to people who believe in freedom of choice, but never accept responsibility for the result of their actions?


boru4761 07-17-2003 03:53 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
Im with theBob on this one. As for how to regulate: retest everyone every 5 years for whatever liscence. This once and done is crazy so much has changed since this guy got his liscence. Lets see 86. That means this guy was possibly issued his liscence in 1930 something. Do you think anything has changed since then? In 1933 there were still cars on the road where the throttle was a lever that you worked with your hand. Maybe that is what confused him.

brickl 07-17-2003 04:23 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
The 24 year old man has complete control over his faculties in most circumstances. The 87 year old man, comparatively, does not.

My uncle is a great rider. He showed me the ropes on the road back in the late 80's. But even though he's only 57, he's dialed back his two-wheeled pace a bit due to his reduced ability to react with the quickness he had at my age. He hates it, but he realizes it, admits it, and accepts it.

People steadily lose their ability to rapidly process information as they age. Processing visual information is key, but so is being able to determine that your foot is in fact on the gas instead of the brake. And what happens when the brain isn't the only factor? What happens when it's physically difficult for elderly to do the things they once did?

I was almost clipped the other day by an old guy who was barrelling out of his driveway in reverse. Not once did he look from side to side while backing. Not once! Why? He probably CAN'T!!!! And he does this several times a day...

Information processing, reaction time, proper reaction, multiple points of attention, all of these things decline when someone drinks booze and gets behind the wheel. But they also decline with age.

Physically, muscles, nerves, joints, eyesight, hearing, feeling, etc., all deteriorate with age.

AARP needs to relent on this issue. I understand that the elderly need to feel empowered over their own lives, and that they deserve as much respect as anyone else. But that doesn't mean we should all be imperiled by them.

I think men and women should be re-tested every two years once they reach 65 years old. There really is no other way to deal with this issue.

v2-90 07-17-2003 05:21 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
Update - death toll now stands at 10...

I heard reports that the gentleman got out of his car immediately following and was actually yelling at people, something along the lines of "why didn't you people get out of the way?"

Anyone else hear anything similar?

seruzawa 07-17-2003 05:25 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
While it's true that 24 year olds may process information faster than 70 year olds, it's also true that 24 year olds can be so sadly lacking in judgement and maturity that the increased info processing is no benefit at all. What advantage is it for someone to make a stupid decision quickly? Jeez, listen to the guys who were whining that they can't legally drive 157mph down I-5 a couple of theads ago.

But on the other hand age does bring slower reactions in general so a person may make a correct decision too slowly.

Make everyone do a simple reaction test when they renew their licenses. Something like have the person sit in a chair and measure how long it takes him to take his foot off of a dummy accelerator and activate a dummy brake pedal when a light flashes. If the person can't to that in a fairly short time then deny a license no matter what age.

And what about people who wander through life so buzzed on drugs, either illegal like smack or legal like Paxil, that they are constantly spaced out? Legal drugs contribute to far more stupid decisions than most people realize. Once again a simple reaction time test might catch a lot of these druggies too.

Personally, I'm tired of hearing the elderly whine so much. They are the richest demographic in America, yet to listen to the AARP you'd think they were all dying because they have to choose between food and medicine. What rot.

Benji155 07-17-2003 06:08 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
I guess the way they look at it, they've lived their lives, they can afford to be less careful. Just today I was getting on the highway with an old lady in front of me. Nothing like entering high speed traffic at 40mph. While I can appreciate the fact they don't want to give up their mobility, I more greatly appreciate the ability to breathe, to sleep above ground, and other things that living people enjoy. But hey, look on the bright side, at least the elderly gentleman survived. Since people live longer these days, he still probably has many happy years ahead of him. Unfortunately, I'm sure his car is dinged from all the bodies crashing into him, I guess a new car is in order.

mn0024 07-17-2003 09:20 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
I am a strong believer in natural selection. So, in reference to the helmet laws I have to say that if you don't wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle you probably get what you deserve when you crash. The problem with that, is that when some idiot goes out and smashes his melon on a curb somewhere, I end up getting stuck with higher insurance rates and taxes down the line to pay for it. I'm all for personal freedoms and responsibilities, but when someone else's stupidity starts to cost me money I believe that the government has to step in with some regulation. It is all very similar to an elderly driver who decides to get behind the wheel of a car when he no longer possesses the mental or physical attributes necessary to control the vehicle safely. Ask the family members of the people who lost their lives in Santa Monica who paid for that particular lack of judgement.

Darkest_knight 07-17-2003 11:54 PM

Re: Mandated Driving and Skills Tests for Elderly
Here's another case, this time with Bikers involved.,...507386,00.html

brickl 07-18-2003 01:45 AM

costs of non-helmet use
It costs less to plant the helmetless retard in the ground than it does to treat people who survive as a result of their gear.

I was recently rear-ended by another rider on the road. I was in full roadracing gear and suffered NO broken bones, and NO roadrash, but did suffer some permanent shoulder dislocation/separation. Total cost to the ins. co when this is all done may be upwards of 70-80k.

It doesn't cost anywhere near 70-80k to plant the helmetless retard in the ground.

SRMark 07-18-2003 03:06 AM

Re: costs of non-helmet use
I don't mind you having such a calloused perspective. In fact I rather enjoy it. But, having worked with the Special Olympics for many years, I'd like to ...(please fill in the appropriate barbaric response of your choice)... for your insulting use of the word "retard". Go walk in their shoes for a bit and see if you don't choose your words more wisely. There are other words to use, such as a$$ hole, **** wad, fool, etc. Many of the fine folks I've worked with bust their butts just to be able to pick up a toothbrush. They try very hard to forge some sort of decent life out of what they've been dealt. Please don't associate such poor behavior with "retarded" citizens. It is insulting to them. Please know this goes beyond PC issues. Instead of bringing the above-mentioned dead people down to the level of the retarded, you've brought the retarded folks down to their level. It's been a while since I worked with these folks but I think this population is referred to as having a developmental disability. In case you were curious, cared or whatever.

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